Kermit Weeks Releases Part 2 of His Lockheed Vega Project Update [Video]

Kermit Weeks has released part 2 of his new video series documenting the progress on his Lockheed Vega project.

This particular aircraft was purchased from Dave Jameson after Hurricane Andrew devastated Weeks’ Polk City, Florida collection in 1992. In arrived at Fantasy of Flight in 1995 and, having not flown in over a decade, was placed on static display. In 2012, restoration was begun by Kevin Kimball, but Weeks eventually had to postpone the project “due to various distractions.” The project commenced once again in September 2019.

Part 1 of the series deals with the fuselage frame work and can be seen here. Part 2 covers the making of the fuselage skin and can be seen below.

(via Kermit Weeks Top Photo: Valder137 via Wikimedia Commons)