Revell has released the first test build photos for their upcoming new tool Gray Project SR-71 Blackbird in 1/48 scale.

The build follows the arrival of the first injection molding tool samples and the first series of photos focus on the J58 engines and the engine nacelles. The company states:

In some of the comments you have already asked whether the detailed engines can also be installed in the aircraft itself. Our designers did not plan this, but experienced model builders can of course accept this challenge and develop a solution themselves. The space would of course be available…

Click below to check out the newly released images.

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Aerodynamic Media, LLC is proud to announce the release of the 20th issue of The Flying Machine: Early Aero Quarterly.

Issue #20 Contents:

36 Pages – Nieuport Memorial Flyers Nieuport 23 (Part 1); Spotlight: MAM’s Rotary-Powered Fokker Dr.1; Building S.E.5a Wings; Products

The Flying Machine focuses exclusively on “aeroplanes” manufactured prior to 1920, as well as the current work of historians, builders, restorers, museums and collectors to preserve and promote interest in the early years of flight. Published in print and digital formats, The Flying Machine is offered on a pay-per-issue basis – no subscription required!

Join us as we pay tribute to early aircraft and the visionaries, geniuses and daredevils who conquered the air while producing some of the most fascinating, ingenious and beautiful machines in aviation’s short history. Click here to purchase!

Airfix has released their new tool Avro Vulcan B.2 model kit in 1/72 scale.

The offering (A12011) reportedly includes “stunning detail” with LIDAR scanned shapes as well as an optimized sprue configuration, customizable build options and two piece wings “to simplify and fortify your build.” The kit contains plastic sprues and decals with marking options for two machines: Avro Vulcan B.Mk.2 XM594, The Scampton Wing and Avro Vulcan B.Mk.2 XM602, RAF No.12 Squadron.

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A newly released DVD Inside the Spitfire Factory “follows factory owner, Peter Monk, and his crew of engineers, pilots and historians as they restore rusty remains of the iconic Second World War flying machines.”

Over the course of a year, this six-part series discovers the surprising stories of this iconic flying machine, whilst following the restoration of a particularly special aircraft, the 1943 Mark IX Spitfire. With £2 million at stake there’s no room for error and the pressure is on to deliver on time. As Peter hunts down parts and oversees construction, a large cast of characters – from pilots and engineers to historians and WWII veterans – are on hand to explore the Spitfire’s rich history and uncover its surprising stories. This is the Spitfire Factory, a place dedicated entirely to resurrecting one of the most famous aeroplanes and returning it to the skies.

The DVD reportedly runs 4hrs 30 min.

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A Focke-Wulf Fw189, believed to be “the sole surviving example of this distinctive type” has been spotted for sale.

The project aircraft (W/N 2100) is “thought to be the fourth of ten Fw189s produced by Aero in Prague in 1941.” It was reportedly test flown that July and went on to serve as an army cooperation aircraft for two years.

“Just after 3am on the morning of the 4th May 1943 the crew – pilot Lothar Mothes; navigator/bombardier/gunner Kurt Lebrecht; and rear gunner Gunther Albrecht – took off on what would be their last mission. The aircraft was to photograph Loukhi III Airbase from an altitude of 20,000ft and then continue north up the Murmansk-Leningrad Railway. Half an hour into the sortie a radio message was received to warn they were under heavy attack by Russian Hurricanes and that was the last communication received. Lebrecht and Albrecht died as a result of their wounds, whereas Mothes survived the ordeal, and the war. Mothes made his way behind Russina lines, living of bark from trees and grubs in order to survive, and finally reunited with German soldiers having evaded Russian soldiers for two weeks. He spent nine months in hospital and convalescing as a result of the crash, but returned to his duties as a pilot, flying a further 100 missions in Fw189s. Mothes was able to be reunited with the remains of this aircraft, in 1996 at the Biggin Hill airshow. [continue reading…]

A 1953 North American T-28B parts airframe has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

This would be good for a static display, a movie prop, for spare parts for a project, etc. T-28B Serial number 54-138110. Mostly complete airframe. Includes wings, ailerons, flaps, horizontal stabilizers, elevators, vertical fin, rudder, canopy sections (some plexiglass panels are broken or missing), fuselage, most parts are there to assemble it to static display condition. NOT INCLUDED are anything firewall forward, such as the engine and mount, prop, engine cowling and exhaust, instruments, landing gear. The lower forward nose section below the lower longerons was removed to be used on another fuselage. Some smaller parts may be missing, suggest inspecting before bidding. I did not get the data plate and FAA Airworthiness paperwork, so they are not included. Sold as parts only, as-is-where-is.

The airframe is located in Linn, Missouri and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the complete listing.

1981 Yak-52 Offered For Sale

A 1981 Yak 52 has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

N103YK S/N 81-1506, TT 1477, TTE 645, TTSMOHE 506. 8/2020 Annual. Upgrades: Whirlwind nickel leading edge prop blades, Spinner, Wing tips/ NAV lights and strobes; AUX 15 gal tank, canopy cover, auto plug conversion, Kimble oil shut off valve, Leather interior, Hooker harnesses, Landing gear warning system tail cone for FOD screen, Uavionix ADSB in/out, GTX-327, rudder pedal extensions, US Aeroquip hoses, baggage compartment. Russian radios.

The machine is located in Friendswood, Texas and is currently available for US $67,000, although bids are also being accepted. Click here to check out the listing.

A Stearman project has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

It’s a bit more than a project, it’s ready be fired. I spent 9 years of my life restoring this… have all the log books… She is a BEAUTY… everything has been ZYGLOED or MAGNA FLUXED, nothing went uninspected. Have all the paperwork.

The aircraft is located in Wales, Maine and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the listing.

P-51 Mustang ZK-TAF has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

First realistic offer secures. Two seat conversion and currently certified for flying Part 115 Adventure flights in New Zealand. 1600 TT airframe, recent top overhaul of the engine, cooling system and prop overhaul recently complete. All airframe mods and inspections carried out. Great avionics fit. Hangared with NZ Warbirds Association, Ardmore, New Zealand. Fantastic condition overall.

Click below to check out the full listing post.

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In his new book B-36 Peacemaker: The Big Stick of Strategic Air Command former SAC Warrior and Air Force veteran H.J. Campbell offers a “concise history, and enduring reference source” on the largest piston engine bomber ever built.

This book is a concise history of the B-36 Peacemaker and its derivatives. It is intended as a quick read, and enduring reference source, that will leave you with a complete understanding of this amazing aircraft’s history. It covers the aircraft’s design and development, including its evolution from the Army Air Corps’ “Giant Bomber” project to the Air Force’s primary strategic deterrence weapon. It includes a complete aircraft lineage chart tracing every model and derivative through its evolution, a complete tail number listing of every aircraft and its lineage, detail specifications for each model, and a comprehensive basing chart by base, model, and year. If you love SAC Cold War bombers, and great planes, you will love this book!

The title measures 8 x 0.27 x 10 inches and spans 111 pages.

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