A 1944 North American TF-51 project has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

Complete Logs And Data Plate. Some Parts Usable From The Wreckage, Mostly Wing Parts. Enough To Get Started On Your P-51! Some Out Board Wing Parts Salvageable, Left Side Cockpit Furnishings, And Some Tail Parts. Engine Submerged In Water, But Included.

The project is located in the US (exact location unspecified), and is currently being offered for $79,500 USD, OBO. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Image: USAF [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

A Wright Cyclone R2600-20 has hit the market. The listing, translated from French, states:

R2600-20 14 CYLINDER RADIAL MOTOR WAS ON A GRUMMAN AVENGER TBM3. This engine has been dismantled and cleaned and painted and put anti-corrosion inside. No logs, mags, and carburetor. FOR DISPLAY ONLY

The engine is located in St-Raymond QC, Canada and is currently being offered for C $18,500.00 (approx. US $14,101.68), although bids are also being accepted. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Aeroplane Heaven has released their new Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 for P3D (V4.4+ dedicated) and FSX.

As previously reported, the model is touted as offering full PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials and textures for P3DV4.5, which are said to provide a new level of realism, making it what the developer believes will be the first warbird made completely with PBR technology both inside and out. The detail level is described as “exceptionally high” and there are many unique animations. [continue reading…]

Yak 11/3RU “Czech Ride” has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

This is modified 1954 Yak 11 rebuilt to Yak 3U configuration by Dan McCue in USA – effort of 12000 hrs. Always kept in heated hangar (+18 deg), immaculate condition, flies regularly 20-30 hrs per year. Only 560 hrs since overhaul on powerplant and airframe. Powerplant: Pratt Whitney R2000 engine with 1450 hp and 3 bladed Hamilton Standard propeller Performance: 220 KTS IAS at 180 l/h Vne 340 KTS 720 liters total fuel capacity in 5 tanks heavy duty disc brakes make operations from 800 m airports

The machine is located in Warsaw, NA Poland. Pricing is available upon request. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Photo: Public Domian via Wikimedia Commons)

A 1/2 scale P-40 based on Bushby Midget Mustang is currently available for sale. The listing states (in part):

This plane does an honest 253 mph at 10,000 ft altitude on a measured course, is fully aerobatic (+/- 9 Gs) has retractable gear, flaps and cabin heat. It has basic flight instruments, no radio and no navigation. It takes off in 400 ft, climbs at 1800ft/min cruises at 180 mph and will fly stably at less than 60 mph. Landing speed is ~80 mph. The wing span is 19 ft 6 inches, length is 16 ft 4 inches, height is 4 ft 6 inches, empty weight is 642 lbs and gross weight is 950 lbs. It has a 23 gallon fuel tank.

The aircraft is reportedly damage free and complete, but “disassembled for transportation and stripping paint.” [continue reading…]

Two P-40N Warhawk project have hit the market in what is described as “one of the largest collections of P-40 projects ever offered for sale.” The listing states (in part):

Project Number 1: Curtiss P40 N5 Warhawk Project, White “17”. (named Spooky) 42-105472. Project Number 2: Curtiss P40 N5 Warhawk Project Yellow “63”. (named Flo-II) 42-105744. C/N: 1316.

The projects are located near Melbourne, Australia and are currently being offered for $895,000. Click below to check out the specifics for each project.

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E-Flite has released a new 1.5m P-51D Mustang RC model in both BNF Basic (EFL01250) and PNP (EFL01275) versions with Smart Technology.

Described as “the largest, most detailed, and best performing E-flite model of the famous fighter yet,” the new offering is touted as reproducing the Mustang with “exceptional detail, handling, performance and presence.”

Features reportedly include removable drop tanks, molded-in panel lines and guns; functional LED navigation lights, sequenced main gear / tailwheel doors and flaps; a factory-installed, high-power 6S-compatible brushless motor with large diameter 4-blade prop and nine factory-installed servos with precise ball-link equipped linkages.

Both versions include a 100-amp Spektrum™ Avian™ Smart ESC, and the BNF® Basic version is also equipped with an AR637TA receiver that offers full-range telemetry including real-time battery voltage, current, temperature and more to compatible transmitters, plus the advantages of exclusive AS3X® and SAFE® Select technologies to make this one of the easiest to fly Mustangs ever.

Click below to check out a video overview and product link.

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A full-scale Airdrome Aeroplanes Sopwith Camel reproduction which is “currently being test flown” is available for sale. The listing states (in part):

I have decided to list the plane for sale due to work commitments as I will no longer have the time nor commitment to complete the remainder of the test flying phase or sort out any associated issues as they arise. I am hoping that the aircraft will be purchased by someone or a small group of enthusiast that can put in the time that I don’t have.

Listed below are the issues that need to addressed before the final test flying phase can be completed: (a) Prop needs approximately 1.5 inches taken off the tips to increase maximum RPM to 3000/3100 as recommended by Rotec, its currently only achieving 2750RPM in straight and level at full noise. (b) Oil temp not working (could be a faulty sender unit?). (c) Oil temp probe needs changing from tank to return line to get more accurate reading (this should fix dot point B). (d) Tail plane needs a slight shim adjustment as it requires slight forward pressure on the stick to maintain level flight. (e) Cooling ventilation to back of engine needs redesigning to eliminate any fuel vaporisation issues.

The description reports that the machine is powered by a 150 hp nine-cylinder Rotec R3600 radial engine spinning a 90″culver wooden propeller. It is currently registered under RAAus 19-2137 and wears colors representing the machine flown by WW1 Canadian Ace Donald MacLaren. It is located in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Released today is John R Bruning’s new book Race of Aces: WWII’s Elite Airmen and the Epic Battle to Become the Master of the Sky, which has reportedly received “glowing reviews in the NYT and Wall Street Journal.” The product description reads:

In 1942, America’s deadliest fighter pilot, or “ace of aces” — the legendary Eddie Rickenbacker — offered a bottle of bourbon to the first U.S. fighter pilot to break his record of twenty-six enemy planes shot down. Seizing on the challenge to motivate his men, General George Kenney promoted what they would come to call the “race of aces” as a way of boosting the spirits of his war-weary command.

What developed was a wild three-year sprint for fame and glory, and the chance to be called America’s greatest fighter pilot. The story has never been told until now. [continue reading…]

Modelsvit has released its new tool P-51H model kit in 1/48 scale.

The kit (4817) reportedly includes two cockpits, clear parts (open/closed canopy) and flaps that can be adjusted in 2 positions. Additional features include adhesive masks, photo etched parts and decals with marking options for a number of aircraft, including 44-64561 of 182 FBS, Texas ANG; 44-64347 of 101 FIS, Massachusetts ANG; 44-64351 of 133 FIS, New Hampshire ANG and RAF machine KN987.

Click here and here to check out product pages. Click below to check out additional images.

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