A 1946 North American Navion has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

This airplane is listed as a 1946 airplane in the FAA registry. The original North American aviation logbook shows the production test flights as starting 1/4/1947… In 1966 this aircraft received an upgrade to the e-185/205 engine, which is still installed… Not a sitter or ramp queen, this airplane was treated well and stored inside… Annual is current, and does not expire until 10/1/2021!… The dash has been updated to a modern “6 pack” gauge layout, and all of the flight instruments are modern units! Sold with airframe logbooks since new, engine logbooks since 1966, prop logs since new.

The listing states that the airframe has 4,348 TT while the The E-185/205 engine has 1,272 SMOH with “good compressions at the last annual.” The machine reportedly has some damage from a landing incident, which is detailed in on the listing page.

The aircraft is located in Detroit, Michigan and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the listing.

A 7/8 scale SE5 airframe has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

It has a data plate, which is about all we know about this aircraft. This aircraft is abandoned and we need to dispose of it. Make and offer and arrange shipping and it is yours. As an A&P, I have done a cursory inspection and the workmanship looks decent. I have not thoroughly inspected the interior. The aircraft does not have an engine or propeller… We will assist with disassembly and shipping, which would need to be arranged with the buyer.

The aircraft is located in Chesapeake, Virginia and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the listing.

Robert Forsyth’s new book Luftwaffe Special Weapons 1942–45 offers “a highly illustrated study of some of the weapons developed by Nazi Germany to equip the Luftwaffe in their desperate war against the encroaching Allied forces.”

As the course of World War II turned against the Third Reich after Stalingrad some of the most inventive and radical proposals, and designs, were put forward by armaments manufacturers, scientists and technicians, aircrew, and even private individuals to the Reichsluftministerium (German Air Ministry) for consideration. Some proposals were destined never to leave the drawing board, while others not only underwent trials but were issued to operational units and used in action. In this fascinating new book, leading Luftwaffe historian Robert Forsyth examines the many different types of weapons that comprised the Luftwaffe’s increasing potent arsenal during the second half of the war. This was the period that saw the development and adoption of aerial torpedoes, wire-guided rockets and missiles, batteries fired by photo-electric cells, chemical weapons, composite bombers, and air-launched flying bombs.

The title is the result of “many years of research” and draws from “first-hand interviews conducted with former pilots and German archive reports.” It measures 7.79 x 1.11 x 9.86 inches and spans 272 pages.

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In August, Eduard will release a new ProfiPACK edition Hawker Tempest Mk.II (Early Version) model kit in 1/48 scale.

The kit (82124) focuses on aircraft in RAF service and reportedly includes Eduard sprues, pre-painted photo-etched parts, a painting mask and marking options for six machines.

Click below to check out livery profiles.

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A 1948 Super Stinson 108-3 has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

Total Time: 1465; TT Engine/Prop SMOH: 47; N#: N108SW; Avionics / Equipment / Modifications: Mineral Oil in Frame, Rebuilt bare frame up, Float-Ski fittings, Vortex generators, 260HP Lycoming O-540. Lycoming O-540 – Lycon overhaul: ported, polished, flow matched, balanced, new Lycoming cylinders, Hartzell compact hub prop, Lightweight starter, Alternator, Taxi and Landing Lights in both wings, Strobes, Cleveland wheels-brakes, Alaska Bush tailwheel, Thick windshield, APU plug, Complete Electronics International UBG16 engine analyzer and instrument package, Garmin 430 with HSI, KX155 navigation communications with GS, PS Engineering PMA7000 audio panel PTT in yokes, Precise Flight Standby Vacuum, Electric standby attitude indicator, Garmin GTX 345 transponder with ADSB in and out, Pitot heat. Always Hangered, All Canadian Logs Starting 31-JAN-66 Complete (No Prior United States Log Books).

The aircraft is located in Chico, California and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the listing.

In has latest book, British Fighter Aircraft in WWI: Design, Construction and Innovation author Mark C. Wilkins “focuses on the British approach to fighter design, construction, and mass production” during the Great War:

World War I witnessed unprecedented growth and innovation in aircraft design, construction, and as the war progressed—mass production. Each country generated its own innovations sometimes in surprising ways—Albatros Fokker, Pfalz, and Junkers in Germany and Nieuport, Spad, Sopwith and Bristol in France and Britain… Each manufacturer and design team vied for the upper hand and deftly and quickly appropriated good ideas from other companies—be they friend or foe. Developments in tactics and deployment also influenced design—from the early reconnaissance planes, to turn fighters, finally planes that relied upon formation tactics, speed, and firepower. Advances were so great that the postwar industry seemed bland by comparison.

The book follows Wilkins previous release German Fighter Aircraft in World War I: Design, Construction and Innovation. It measures 8″ x 0.6″ x 10.1″ and spans 192 pages.

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ICM has announced that a Bristol Beaufort Mk.I model kit is currently in process and released the box art seen above.

The WWII British torpedo bomber will be offered in 1/48 scale, although additional details on the kit (48310) are currently scarce.

(via ICM)

A Yak-18 described as an “always hangared, original Chinese Yakolev Yak-18 with original Shevtsov M-11 FR-1 5 cylinder radial engine” has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

800 hrs TT on engine, 2300 hrs on airframe. This is a tail wheel 2 seat tandem military basic trainer used by the Russian and Chinese Air Forces. This one is from China with all original logs in Chinese. Have all the aircraft manuals in French and English. Paint is perfect and in Chinese markings, cockpit all original in Chinese markings, all gauges work original Chinese radios, 300 lb air tank that does not leak that operates brakes ,flaps, engine start. prop is constant speed ground adjustable copy of the Aeromatic type prop with counter weights. Fabric on wings only 10 years old done exactly as Chinese did it, fabric on tail feathers only 3 years old. Fuselage is all metal anodized with metal covering back to rear cockpit, fabric from there to the tail… flew a year ago but is started and run regularly.

The aircraft is located in Groveland, California and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the listing.

In his latest book Building the B-17 Flying Fortress, author Bill Yenne details the construction of America’s greatest multi-engine combat aircraft while revealing “rare original photos and full manufacturing details.”

What sets this book apart from all others in the crowded B-17 field is literally hundreds of factory-original close-up detailed photographs and illustrations accompanied by comprehensive high-resolution reproductions of original Boeing drawings, and all are explained in detailed yet easy to understand descriptive text. This book provides valuable data for the serious Boeing B-17 aficionado as well as a compelling story of America’s aircraft manufacturing prowess for the dedicated aviation enthusiast. [continue reading…]

Airfix has shared the first sprue photos for their upcoming new tool de Havilland Vampire model kit in 1/48 scale.

The upcoming kit (A06107) is comprised of 123 parts with plastic sprues and three marking options. The newly released images represent parts that are still in the development stage, although it is reportedly “nicely on track and advancing towards release later in the year” (this autumn). The next stage of the process will be test building of sections and a full kit build.

Click below to check out the sprue photos, as well as CAD renderings and livery profiles.

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