Arma Hobby has released the first test shots of their upcoming new tool Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc model kit in 1/72 scale.

As previously reported, its design is said to maintain the rear fuselage shape, wings and tailplane of the company’s previous Mk I kit, with the rest being “an entirely new project.” This includes a longer fuselage before the cockpit, new fishtail exhaust, a new carburetor inlet, a new (longer) tropical filter cover, two variants of cannon barrels, a modified one-piece propeller design, enhanced landing gear bays with improved assembly of the undercarriage legs, and more. It appears that two livery options will also be included.

The offering is described as “almost ready to release” and will reportedly be available in three versions, including an Expert Set (70035) Model Kit (70036) and a Trop Model Kit (70037). Click below to check out additional images.

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A Lockheed PV-1 Ventura patrol bomber has hit the market.

The listing states that the machine was manufactured by Lockheed in 1942 and delivered to the US Navy that same year. It was then transferred to the RAF under a lend lease agreement to 23 Squadron SAAF in 1943. In August 1955, it was converted to perform VIP flight duties, flying then state president General Smuts. The aircraft was last flown in November 1958. In 1959, the machine was moved to the South African Airways Apprentice School. In 1989 it was again moved for display in a military memorial garden, where it remained until 2001.

The Lockheed was cleaned and repainted professionally 2010 and has unfortunately been exposed to the elements since 2010. The Lockheed when painted in 2010, was restored to its original war time colours as it would have been when it left the Lockheed Vega factory in 1942. Very few of these aircraft still remain. According to Warbird recorded, only 11 survive world wide. Only 2000 Lockheed PV-1 Ventura’s were manufactured in 1942. This is a good example ready for restoration.

The machine is located in Basingstoke, United Kingdom and is currently being offered for GBP 200,000, although bids are also being accepted. Click here to check out the complete listing.

A “custom built” 1988 AT-6 pedal plane has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

This was custom built from a kit by Pedal Planes of Houston by Jim Wittkamp from a kit made by Aviation Products out of Cedar Rapids, IA. This kit is known as the ‘Oshkosh 88 AT6/SNJ/Harvard’. This was first displayed at the 1988 Oshkosh Air Show… The overall plane is about 53″ wide from wingtip to wingtip and is about 52″ long from the tip of the propeller to the back of the tail wheel. The overall condition is pretty good, but could use some loving care, as there is minor plywood aging and paint missing in various locations.

The pedal plane is located in East Central, Illinois and is currently being offered for US $722.49. Click here to check out the complete listing.

An “always hangared, all logs, no damage history” Supermarine Spitfire MK26B has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

Professionally Built 2014 Supermarine Spitfire MK26B Offered for Sale. This Aircraft was awarded the ‘Best in Show’ by the Replica Fighter Association at Oshkosh In July 2019! Engine/Prop: Isuzu 3.5L V6 water cooled, quad cam, fuel injected; HP: 260; TT: 55; SMOH: 55; Exterior Colors: Beige/Army Green; N#: C-FUXM; SN: 071; Always Hangared; Journey/Flight Logs Complete; No Damage History.

The aircraft reportedly includes a pre-programmed Motec ECU with Motec 18017E sport dash computer, MTV23-B three blade prop with electrically controlled variable pitch installed in October 2018, retractable MLG, 650NM range, underwing radiators, VFR Instrumentation and provision for 2nd seat.

The machine is located in Breslau, Ontario, Canada and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Airfix has published an update on their upcoming new tool Avro Vulcan B.2 model kit in 1/72 scale.

As previously reported, the company announced the news at the recent Scale Modelworld 2019 event in Telford complete with a prototype model on display at their stand. The update includes video of the event and the prototype, as well as a new selection of CAD renderings which detail the “inherent rigidity” incorporated into the Vulcan’s construction, as well as the two ordnance options to be included with the first release.

Click below to check them out.

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Aerodynamic Media, LLC is proud to announce the release of The Flying Machine 2020 Calendar!

The Flying Machine 2020 Calendar compiles 12 beautiful, full-color photos of WW1 aircraft located around the world, with a focus on some of the outstanding reproductions and restorations that have been featured in The Flying Machine journal during its first three years of publication. The calendar measures approx. 11”x14” (closed) and is available as a PDF download or in print format utilizing high-quality cover stock with Wire-O binding.

Aircraft Include: Morane-Saulnier Type N; Hansa-Brandenburg C.I; Albatros D.Va; SE.5a; Sopwith Pup; Fokker D.VII; Thomas-Morse S-4B; Sopwith Camel; Fokker Dr.1; Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter; Avro 504K; Etrich/Lohner Taube

The calendar is available for a limited time only. Click here to get yours today!

A restored 1947 L-16A (Aeronca Champ) has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

O-200 100HP, Wagner STC 1350lb MTOW (NOT LSA) 1994 Restoration with no expense spared! 91 Hours Since Complete restoration. Overhauled carb in 2016, Rebuilt OLEO Struts at 2018 Annual, September 2019 Annual needed nothing but an oil drain plug! Overhauled Carb in 2016, Rebuit OLEO Struts at 2018 Annual. Family owned since 1994. Still has original military data plate! Electric System (No hand propping) 12V plug in it to keep your electrics charged! Have copies of the logs when it was in the military and even a copy of the transfer sheet from Aeronca to the military! Times will change as it’s still flown. Hangered since restoration.

The aircraft is located in Hollister, Missouri and is currently available for US$40,000, although bids are also being accepted. Click here to check out the complete listing.

A “museum quality” Hanriot HD.1 RC model has been spotted for sale. The listing states:

R.C. Model Aircraft – Hanriot HD.1 Museum Quality Airplane. Condition is Used. Model was built from a Proctor Enterprise Duncan Hutson design kit. Wing span 85.5” Flying weight is 15.5 lbs. Engine – British made, laser 4 stroke 200 twin cylinder engine. Stitts fabrics and paint. Great care was taken to build this model to exact scale and marking to match the full scale aircraft.

The model is located in Lititz, Pennsylvania and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the complete listing.

A P-51 Mustang pedal plane has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

Mustang P51 Pedal Plane for Junior Pilots. Condition is Used/Demo model. Engine and airframe time 2hrs. Folding wings for ease of storage, Rotating propeller while pedalling via rubber belt. Quality bearings used in Propeller drive and undercarriage wheels. Detailed instrument panel and break resistant windscreen.

The pedal plane is located in Blaxland, NSW, Australia and is currently being offered for AU $700, although offers are also being accepted. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Three examples of the Blackburn Buccaneer S Mk 2B are currently available for sale. The listing states (in part):

The Blackburn Buccaneer was a British low-level strike aircraft with nuclear weapon delivery capability serving with the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force between 1962 and 1994, including service in the 1991 Gulf War. Designed and initially produced by Blackburn Aircraft at Brough it was later known as the Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer when Blackburn became a part of the Hawker Siddeley group. The final three, all owned by Thunder City (XW 986 – now ZU NIP , XW 987 – now ZU BCR and XW 988 – now ZU AVI ) were built specifically for the Defence Ministry (MoD) and primarily used on countless research programs.

According to the listings, the aircraft have been subjected to regular Primary Star inspections and have been modified to the latest modification state as defined in the Master Modification Listing. All mandatory modifications have been complied with and all STIs and SIs have been complied with, including all NDT requirements. A full set of manuals relating to the maintenance of the aircraft is also said to be available.

The machines are reportedly fitted with Rolls Royce Spey 10101 engines, Martin Baker Type 6MS B2 rocket assisted ejection seats and a range of radio equipment, including Marconi AD120 VHF Comm, Plessey PTR 1751 UHF Comm, Hoffman RT636 TACAN, Cossar 1520 Transponder, Smiths ILS System and Smiths Radio Altimeter.

The listings can be found here (ZU-AVI, pictured above), here (ZU-BCR) and here (ZU-NIP). Pricing is available upon application.

(Photo: Bob Adams via Wikimedia Commons)