1931 Waco QCF-2 S/N 3487 (N11247) is available for sale.

An original QCF-2 that underwent a ground up rebuild/restoration in 2006 at 1037 TTAF. Complete with a Continental W670 220hp engine and Curtiss Reid propeller this F-2 is without a doubt the most strikingly detailed and functional classic Waco available today.

The airframe has 1150 TTSN (115 Hrs. since restoration), while the Continental W-670-6A engine has 115 hrs SMOH. The Curtiss Reed Model 55501-S propeller has 115 SPOH. The machine includes an avionics package and boasts a number of additional features, such as “black leather seats (excellent condition), front and rear cockpit Hooker Harness four point seat belt/dual “Y” type shoulder harness, front and rear stick mounted Push to Talk switches, front and rear cockpit covers, dual toe brakes, Jasco alternator, Cleveland wheels and brakes and RR Russ tail wheel.”

The aircraft is located in New York and is currently being offered for $199,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Among the latest releases from Fonthill Media is Jason Moore’s Soviet Fighters of the Second World War, which “details the development of the Red Air Force fighters, from the dark days of Operation Barbarossa, to eventual triumph over the ruins of Berlin.”

Starting with obsolete aircraft such as the Polikarpov biplane and monoplane fighters, the Soviets then settled on two main lines of development; the inline-engined LaGG-3 and its radial-engined derivatives, the La-5 and La-7, and the inline-engined Yakovlev fighters, which were produced in greater numbers than any other series of fighters. Not only are these aircraft described in great detail, but experimental fighters are also dealt with. In addition to the descriptions, accurate color profiles are provided illustrating the evolution of these aircraft in terms of design, camouflage, and markings. From the fixed undercarriage I-15bis biplane of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, to the superb La-7 and Yak-3 fighters of the last year of the war, the fighters of the Red Air Force are all covered in this comprehensive book.

The 416 page book is described as “the first comprehensive reference work on Soviet fighters of the Second World War written by a native English speaker.” It utilizes “the most up-to-date research” to produce a “stunningly accurate” record with “previously unpublished color profiles.” It includes 192 black-and-white and 85 colour illustrations.

Product Page

Airfix will be releasing their 1/72 B-17G with two new liveries this coming fall.

The new offering (A08017B) is reporteldy based on the B-17G released as a new tool kit in 2016 (A08017). It will include representations of 43-37756 Milk Wagon of 708th Bomb Squadron, 447th Bomb Group and 43-38728 $5 with Breakfast of 851st Bomb Squadron, 490th Bomb Group. The kit reportedly spans 254mm and includes sprues and decals with a total of 245 parts.

Click below to check out the newly released livery profiles.

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A 1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D (N43236 S/N 6895) has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

All logs from 1947 to present Annual 10/03/2020. Compressions 1 73/80 2 77/80 3 72/80 4 69/80 . aAll AD’s complied with AD compliance log. Univair sealed struts 5 2011 , new windshield , door glass, seat sling ,seat cushions, baggage canvas 10/2020. floor boards 2014 Replace shock cords with superior 9010HD 2/2013. Slick 4333 series mags 8/2014. Continental carb air box 10/2020.Slick M2045 ignition harness 8/2014 , REM37BY spark plugs 8/2014. Univair tail wheel spring kit UB562SET 4/2013.Tachometer and tach cable assembly 9/2013 Valve cover gaskets gascolator baffle seals 10/2020 Stits poly fiber cover 1980. 24 gallon fuel 12 header tank ,6 gallon tank each wing. EBC102 ELT. FLYS AWESOME!

According to the listing, the airframe has 2608 hrs, while the Cont.A-75 engine has 2608 TT and 1445 SMOH. The machine in located in Chico, California and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Modelsvit is gearing up to release their new Yak-9D model kit in 1/48 scale.

The offering (4809) is described as the “first 3D designed Yak-9D,” being made from “completely new molds” and offering “higher accuracy” and “high level quality.” The kit spans 203mm, measures 179mm in length and boasts 123 parts. It appears that it will include adhesive masks as well as photo-etched parts.

The kit is currently slated for release at the end of July. Click below to check out a collection of newly released sprue images.

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A “professionally built” 2014 Spitfire MK26B is currently available for sale. The listing states (in part):

Engine/Prop: Isuzu 3.5L V6 water cooled, quad cam, fuel injected; HP: 260; TT: 55; SMOH: 55; Exterior Colors: Beige/Army Green; N#: C-FUXM; SN: 071; Always Hangared; Journey/Flight Logs Complete; No Damage History. Avionics / Equipment / Modifications: All Aluminum Semi-Monocoque airframe; Pre-programmed Motec ECU with Motec 18017E Sport Dash Computer; MTV23-B three blade prop with electrically controlled variable pitch, installed in Oct. 2018; Retractable MLG; 650NM range; Underwing radiators; VFR Instrumentation; Provision for 2nd seat; +6/-4″G” rating

The “aircraft was awarded the ‘Best in Show’ by the Replica Fighter Association at Oshkosh In July 2019.” It is located in Breslau, Ontario, Canada and is currently being offered for $269,000, although offers are also being accepted. Click here to check out the complete listing.

In his new book 75 years of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, author James C. Goodall details the 46 unclassified programs developed by the Lockheed’s legendary Skunk Works, forming a pictorial history that takes the reader from the middle part of World War II, through the Korean War, the shoot down of Francis Gary Powers on May 1, 1960, the Vietnam War, Desert Shield/Storm and beyond.

This pictorial journey will take the reader from the very beginning of the Skunk Works’ very first project (XP-80 Shooting Star) and follow the program through prototype build-up, first flight and, if they reached the frontline, operational service. This treatment will be repeated for each of the 30 unclassified program designed and built by the Skunk Works. Each program will form a chapter of at least two pages in length, with a maximum of 14 pages being allocated for programs that went into production and merit more detailed coverage, such as the P-80/F-94/T-33 family, C-130 family and, of course, the A-12 and SR-71

The title is illustrated with over a thousand photographs and drawings and spans 384 pages.

Product Page

1943 North American P-51C-1-NT S/N 42-103100 (N426QA) is available for sale. The listing states (in part):

In 2001 Pacific Fighters purchased the remains of FB 206. After 5 different Razorback Mustang restorations completed by Pacific Fighters it is finally time for FB 206s turn. As of 2020 FB 206s fuselage has been structurally completed and a large amount of B/C model parts have been acquired. Its has been a dream of the Pacific Fighters crew to complete this one of a kind and historically significant Mustang Mk III back to flying condition.

As of this writing, the fuselage is reportedly “95% structurally completed.” Additional features include a Malcolm Hood kit (minus the bubble), rear half moon canopies, one set of unrestored, original P-51B/C fabric covered elevators (very rare).

The project is currently being offered for $550,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Revell is commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the de Havilland Sea Vixen with a model kit release in 1/72 scale.

The Sea Vixen was the aircraft of British naval aviators for 20 years and the first in the world to have its Arrow wings were foldable for use on aircraft carriers. In 1964, the Fleet Air Arm introduced FAW 2, a much-improved version of the Sea Vixen equipped with modern air-to-air missiles.

The offering (03866) is reportedly based on the Cyber Hobby FAW.1 (5051) that was released as a new tool kit in 2011. The new kit represents the FAW.2 and is described as highly detailed with extensive external loads and many details in the cockpit. Two liveries are included: Sea Vixen FAW2, 890NAS, RNAS Yeovilton, England, July 1971; Sea Vixen FAW2, 899NAS, HMS Eagle, November 1970.

Product Page (Additional Information via AeroScale and Scalemates)

1952 Yak-11 Offered For Sale

1952 Yakovlev Yak-11 S/N Y5434 (D-FJII) has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

Airframe: 316 Hrs Since Restoration; Engine: Shvetsov Ash 21; 316 Hrs SMOH Propeller: 16 Hrs SPOH; Interior: Restored to stock military configuration. 8/10; Exterior: Painted as “White 5” 8/10; Avionics: Garmin GTR225A, Garmin GTX 335, ACK Model A-30, Kannad ELT 406, PM1200 intercom; Annual / Condition Inspection: Expires 7/2021

The aircraft is currently being offered for €295,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Photo: (Mick Baker)rooster [Cropped] via Flickr