1945 Consolidated Vultee PBY-5A Catalina S/N 11074 (N222FT) “Flyin Turtle” has hit the market.

The airframe reportedly has 9207.5 TTSN and 234.7 hrs since restoration. The two Pratt & Whitney R-1830-92 engines have 64.7 and 74.7 SMOH. The machine underwent a multimillion dollar restoration in the 1980s and was converted to include a 10 passenger executive interior. This process saw modification of the rear fuselage to include a bathroom and sleeping quarters.

The aircraft is said to be in annual and is described as “a flying yacht.” It is located in Texas and is currently being offered for $475,000 USD. Click here and here to check out complete listings.

(Drawing: Kaboldy via Wikimedia Commons)

Microaces has announced the upcoming release of two new Nieuport 17 micro RC model aircraft kits representing machines flown by French aces Charles Nungesser and René Dorme.

The offerings are described as “beautifully balanced and agile,” with each boasting a 360mm (14.5″) wingspan, a spinning dummy rotary engine and “lots of little scale details that weigh little on the overall aircraft but add so much to it’s appeal at this scale.”

The kits are slated for release in November and are currently available for pre-order. Click below to check out the product page and additional images.

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A 1968 PZL Iskra TS-11 Polish jet trainer has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

Current FAA reg in my name. Airworthiness category, Experimental Exhibition. King digital IFR. Transponder and altimeter recertified, will need pitot static test before next IFR flight. Copy of operation limitations, certificate of airworthiness, and registration in cockpit. All logs since import. Military logs are not available. NDH. No corrosion.These planes were made for the Polish Navy and are made of a high copper content marine alloy that is very corrosion resistant. All known available flight and maintainence manuals in English, included. Plane self starts easily, with its on board Optima battery bank. Many spares included free, including a couple spare sets of new tires, some mounted. Spare canopy, in case your passenger pulls that lever!, and a hydraulic mule that lets you easily test the speed brakes, flaps, brakes and do a gear swing. Cold ejection seats.

The listing also states that the machine is “in annual till April 2020” with approximate times of “TT 2573, SMOH 422, SHSI 92.” The machine is located in Millville, New Jersey and is currently availablie for bidding. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Copper State Models has announced the upcoming release of three new Nieuport model kits in 1/32 scale.

The kits will represent the XXI (CSM32003), XXII (CSM32004) and XXII (RFC service / CSM32005), with each reportedly including four marking options and “new, accurate parts.”

At the moment, few details have been released, but the kits are expected to be ready toward the end of the year. Click below to check out additional images.

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A 1943 Boeing Stearman N2S3 has hit the market.

The listing states that the airframe has 600 hrs since restoration, no damage history and all applicable A/Ds complied with. The engine is described as a Continental W-670-6A (220 HP) with 178 hrs SMOH by Radial Engines in 2015.

Additional equipment/mods reportedly include a Bendix/King KT 76A TSO transponder, a Bendix/King KY 197A TSO transceiver, a PM 1200 intercom, roller bearings installed by Radial Engines; Air Repair Redline brakes; Brackett air filter; Jacobs shielded ignition harness; clock; navigation lights; full size fuselage storage compartment with lock and heavy duty steerable tailwheel from Dusters & Sprayers, Inc.

The machine is located in San Carlos, California and is currently being offered for US $109,000, although offers are also being accepted. Click here to check out the complete listing.

1945 Consolidated Vultee 28-5ACF – PBY-6A Catalina S/N 46662 (N4NC) has hit the market. The airframe reportedly has 4115 TTSN (836.3 Hrs. since restoration) while the two Pratt & Whitney R-1830-94 engines have 12.1 and 23.9 SMOH.

The machine is painted in U.S. Navy markings of 75th Anniversary of NC4 Flight and is described as being in “good condition” with a “huge selection of spares, many NOS are available.”

The Catalina is being offered for US $750,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Photo: USN [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

Brickmania has released a new, limited edition 1/35 P-40N Warhawk LEGO model kit.

The offering (BKM2256) consists of 468 LEGO elements, a high-quality sticker sheet, printed elements and full-color building instructions. Additional features include an updated dihedral wing design, detailed cockpit, brick-built exhaust, retractable landing gear and “all the bricks needed” to create a red or white nose. Three distinct decal options are also included to further customize the kit.

Click below to check out the product page and a video overview of the new kit.

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A “fully decommissioned” Westland Lynx AH9 helicopter described as “the final & ultimate variant” has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

The Westland Lynx served with distinction in the British army air corps for 40 years having entered service in 1978 & the last of the type finally being retired from British army service in January 2018. This example has been fully decommissioned & most internal systems removed. Ideal for use as ground instructional training airframe, emergency evac trainer, gate guardian or stunning looking museum static display exhibit. Very rare opportunity to purchase an iconic lynx helicopter.

The offering is located in Ipswich, UK and is described as for UK sale only. It is currently being offered for £14,995. Click here to check out the complete listing.

The latest installment of Kermit Weeks’ “Kermie Cam” series focuses on Fantasy of Flight’s 1941 Stinson L-1.

This particular example was delivered to the Army Air Corps in December 1941 and initially served with 112th Observation Squadron at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina before moving on to different locations on the East Coast. It was later used for rescue with the 11th Air Force in Alaska. Following its military service the aircraft was acquired by Paul Mantz and used as a camera platform in a number of movie productions including The Great Waldo Pepper. Weeks acquired the machine from the Movieland Air Collection in 1981 and used it to tow banners. It was damaged during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and has since been completely restored.

The video will be released in two parts. This newly released first part includes an overview of a problem sorted out with the engine, a walk around, a tour of the cockpit and start up. Click below to check it out, along with a bonus video of its first post-restoration flight in 2013.

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An F-86F Project (S/N 52-4689 / N8630) has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

F-86F-30-NA S/N 52-4689 N8630 and nearly 1600 line items of equaling about 9000 items. The spares include 3 GE J-47 engine cores in cans, combustion burner cans, brakes, flight controls, drop tanks/pylons, a set of wings, actuators, valves, and much more. This F-86F has the desirable and larger “6-3” wing. It last served in the Bolivian Air Force. The aircraft has been stored in the museum’s hangars since it arrived in 1994. It is a VERY stock aircraft. There are no logbooks for the aircraft or engines and the aircraft does not have an airworthiness certificate.

The machine is located in Ft. Worth, Texas and is currently being offered for $140,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)