Roden Releases New He111 H-16/Н-20 Model Kit

Roden has released a new Heinkel He111 H-16/Н-20 model kit in 1/144 scale.

According to Scalemates, the offering (344) is a rebox with new/updated parts. It includes two marking options:

He111H-20, “black M” +KM, 4/KG53, Eastern Front, Summer 1944. This aircraft took part in a raid against US bombers B-17, dispersed at the Poltava airfield after the mission during Operation Frantic.

He111H-16, “red H” 1G+HK, 2/KG27, Eastern Front, Southern Ukraine, winter 1942/43

Click below to check out the product page and additional images.

Product Page (Addtional Information via Roden and Scalemates)