F-86F N8630 Offered For Sale

F-86F S/N 52-4689 (N8630), based at the Vintage Flying Museum in Ft. Worth, Texas, is currently available for sale. The listing states:

F-86F-30-NA S/N 52-4689 N8630 and nearly 1600 line items of equaling about 9000 items. The spares include 3 GE J-47 engine cores in cans, combustion burner cans, brakes, flight controls, drop tanks/pylons, a set of wings, actuators, valves, and much more. This F-86F has the desirable and larger “6-3” wing. It last served in the Bolivian Air Force. The aircraft has been stored in the museum’s hangars since it arrived in 1994. It is a VERY stock aircraft. There are no logbooks for the aircraft or engines and the aircraft does not have an airworthiness certificate.

The machine is currently available for $140,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Photo: Pete Webber via Flickr)