E-flite Releases “Most Detailed, Best Handling, and Highest Performance Fw 190A Model Yet”

E-flite has released their first ever Focke-Wulf RC model, described as “the most detailed, best handling, and highest performance Fw 190A model yet!”

As previously reported, the 1.5m offering reportedly includes a removable drop tank, molded-in panel lines and guns; a factory-installed, high-power 6S-compatible brushless motor with large diameter 3-blade prop and simulated engine fan; Fits 6S batteries from 3200-7000mAh to deliver level flight top speeds up to 80+ MPH and nearly unlimited vertical performance; retractable main gear with scale-like length and shock-absorbing struts for operation from a variety of surfaces including grass.

The model is available in PNP with Smart Technology (EFL01375) and BNF Basic with Smart Technology (EFL01350).

Product Page (PNP / BNF)