Newly Restored P-39Q Performs First Engine Test in NZ [Video]

Pioneer Aero of Ardmore, New Zealand has announced that their P-39Q Airacobra project performed its first successful engine test earlier today.

As previously reported, the aircraft (42-20341) is based largely on an ex-Soviet Air Force P-39Q which was recovered around 1995, although it is also said to feature parts obtained from P-39Q 42-20341. The machine is reportedly owned by Jerry Yagen / Military Aviation Museum and is being restored to airworthy condition as USAAC 220341.

The company reports that high powers will be conducted later in the week “and who knows what after that.”

Click below to check out a video of today’s test.

(via Pioneer Aero and Paul McSweeny Photo: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archives Uploaded by Bzuk at en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Thanks, Pascal!)