MENG Releases New Tool 1/32 Fokker F.1 / Dr.1 Model Kit

MENG has released their highly anticipated new tool F.1/Dr.1 model kit in 1/32 scale.

As previously reported, the kit (QS-002) is a boxing of the Wingnut Wings Fokker Triplane kit and is described as “a carefully studied, large scale” model kit “with precise details,” boasting “accurate exteriors, wing structure and realistic fabric covering.” Additional features reportedly include “completely replicated” cockpit interior and engine construction, PE cooling jackets and sights for the machine guns.

Three build options are included, allowing a representation of the Fokker F.1, Dr.1 (Early Production) or Dr.1 (Late Production). The rudder and ailerons can also be installed at selected angles.

Four livery options are reportedly included representing 425/17 flown by Manfred von Richthofen, 103/17 flown by Werner Voss, 206/17 flown by Hermann Göring and 202/17 flown by Walter Göttsch.

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