1948 Cessna 170 For Sale: “Pretty and Clean”

A 1948 Cessna 170 has hit the market. The listing states:

Pretty and clean 1948 Cessna 170. 5685 TT 1710 SMOH. Wings and fuselage were completely stripped of multiple layers of aged paint and old fabric, cleaned up as needed, and then new fabric and paint completed in 2018. While doing all the work on the outside we added new interior panels, carpets, headliner, and seats. KX 155 Nav/Comm, Narco AT 50A Transponder, Uavonix Skybeacon ADS-B. Mods include: PPonk gear box with C-180 legs finished with Alaska Bushwheels wheels and brakes and 8.00 tires. VG’s, Spin-on oil filter with quick drain oil sump, new engine driven fuel pump. Added inline fuel tank on pilot side bringing total fuel from 35 on the original 170 up to 46 total gallons. New glass all around including 1 piece windshield. Auto fuel STC. Compressions at annual Dec ’20: 78/78/78/74/74/78. This plane has been my baby for nearly 15 years, and I am sad to sell but getting something bigger for bigger family use. Will deliver anywhere in North America for the cost of fuel and return ticket. Can also provide endorsement for tailwheel transition for a pilot who is a current and capable flyer.

The aircraft is located in Sandy, Utah and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the complete listing, which includes a number of additional photos.