New Kits Reproduce Sopwith Pup “Exactly As It Was 100 Years Ago”

France-based Replic Aero is now offering Sopwith Pup kits that reportedly allow you to “assemble your plane exactly as it was 100 years ago.”

“The metal parts are ready to bend and weld, all the wood parts are ready to be adjusted (for some) and assembled. The Sopwith Pup is available as a complete kit, as a series of sub-kits or as portions of a sub-kit. The Sopwith Pup being assembled is for sale, Ready to cover or covered, the engine and the instruments are the choice of the future owner. Also possible ‘ready to fly.'”

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Pre-orders are said to be possible at a preferential price for the purchase of the first Sopwith Pup kit. For additional information, check out their website, or send them an email.