CHAA Shares Update on Lancaster FM212 Restoration

The Canadian Historical Aircraft Association has shared an update on the restoration of Avro Lancaster Mk X FM212.

The team reports that the restoration of the cockpit is nearing completion and hope to have it ready by the end of the summer. Reattachment of the nose section and canopy will follow, making two sections of the aircraft fully restored.

Damage to the starboard wing has also been addressed and it is now ready to be reassembled. In addition, many smaller jobs are also said to be underway, including repairing instruments. Restoration is reportedly on track to be completed by 2024.

As previously reported, FM212 was originally built at Malton shortly after the end of WW2 and was delivered to the RCAF where it was modified for aerial and photo-reconnaissance work. The machine went on to map much of northern Canada, amassing 8,000 hrs before being retired from service in 1962. Shortly thereafter, FM212 was acquired by the city of Windsor and mounted in Jackson Park as a WW2 memorial.

Damage caused by exposure to the elements prompted the Lancaster to be removed in 2005 and delivered to the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association’s No. 7 Elementary Flying Training School for restoration.

All work is being done to current Transport Canada standards and will be “acceptable for flight,” however, FM212 will reportedly remain on the ground due to cost restrictions and the city’s wishes. Instead, the goal is to return the machine to ground running condition so the community of Windsor can connect with this iconic piece of history.

Check out the complete restoration update below.

The restoration of the Lancaster cockpit is nearing completion! The Lancaster CREW is hoping…

Posted by Canadian Historical Aircraft Association on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

(via Canadian Historical Aircraft Association Top Photo: Canada. Dept. of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons)