Time Flies: Aviation’s Golden Age – Special Edition 2021


TIME FLIES is a special edition journal focused on aircraft connected to the golden age of aviation (1920s and 30s). The publication includes history, aircraft reproduction and restoration project reports as well as new / upcoming product releases. TIME FLIES is the sister publication of our quarterly journal THE FLYING MACHINE, which focuses on pre-1920 aircraft.

Special Edition (2021): 40 Pages – The Curious History of the Chanute Sailplane; Craftlab’s Klemm 20 B Project; Saving the Potomac Pacemaker (DC-3); News Briefs: Savoia-Marchetti S.79 Tail Surfaces Undergoing Restoration for Display, Ryan ST Reborn in Kit Form, The Definitive Reproduction NYP: The Spirit of St. Louis by JNE; Products


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