2016-17 Collection: The Flying Machine Issues 1-5


Issue #1: The First American Aeroplane Export: Octave Chanute’s 1904 Glider at the Threshold of Powered Flight; Military Aviation Museum / Vintage Aviation Services S.E.5a Project Update; A Letter From the Air; An Albatros in Canada (Albatros D.Va For Sale); News Briefs: Clerget Sopwith Camel Progress Report, Curtiss Jenny Restoration Update, 1/6 Scale Ilya Muromets Takes Flight

Issue #2: 2016 Dawn Patrol Rendezvous Recap; Superstitions of Fledgling Flyers in 1918; Wright National Memorial Reborn; Craftlab Project Updates; B.E.12 Rigging Notes; News Briefs: Wright Experience Curtiss Jenny Returns to the Air, Le Rhone-Powered Sopwith Pup Reproduction Nearing First Flight, Virginia Aviation Museum Collection Finds New Home, Kiffin Rockwell Medal / Artifact Display

Issue #3: One Wheel On My Camel: Fred Kay Learns How to Fly; Sopwith Rigging Notes; An Epic Cross-Country Flight Adventure From Payne Field; Bristol Scout 1264 Update; Aircraft of the Wright Experience (Part 6); News Briefs: Restored WW1 Hangar Grand Opening, Vintage Aviation Services / Military Aviation Museum S.E.5a Update, Hiller Aviation Museum Fokker Dr.1 Project, Owls Head Transportation Museum Fokker Dr.1 Project

Issue #4: 3D Modeled Aircraft and Aero Engines; APSS Sopwith 1½ Strutter Project; Memorial Flight’s Current Projects; Drawings: Replicraft SE5a Samples; News Briefs: Santos-Dumont 19 bis Libellule Project; Sopwith Aircraft Resume Production; Golden Age Air Museum’s SPAD XIII; Products

Issue #5: Not in Kansas Anymore (1911 Cessna Silver Wings / CC-1 reproduction); Avro Rigging Notes; My 16th Birthday Jenny Solo; News Briefs: Fernand Saint-Andre’s Albatros DVa, John Shaw’s Sopwith Camel, Hiller Aviation Museum’s Fokker Dr.1; Products