Bushby Midget Mustang-Based P-40 Project Offered For Sale

A 1/2 scale P-40 based on Bushby Midget Mustang is currently available for sale. The listing states (in part):

This plane does an honest 253 mph at 10,000 ft altitude on a measured course, is fully aerobatic (+/- 9 Gs) has retractable gear, flaps and cabin heat. It has basic flight instruments, no radio and no navigation. It takes off in 400 ft, climbs at 1800ft/min cruises at 180 mph and will fly stably at less than 60 mph. Landing speed is ~80 mph. The wing span is 19 ft 6 inches, length is 16 ft 4 inches, height is 4 ft 6 inches, empty weight is 642 lbs and gross weight is 950 lbs. It has a 23 gallon fuel tank.

The aircraft is reportedly damage free and complete, but “disassembled for transportation and stripping paint.”

My father finished building it and first flew it May 31 1982 – he flew it until 1998 for a total time on the plane of 650 hours. It is always in a hanger and when he decided he wanted to repaint it, he disassembled it and moved it to his barn. We stripped the cowling and both wings, unfortunately dad and I haven’t worked on it since 2013. There is no damage on the plane, it is simply disassembled for transportation and stripping paint – it is complete…

It should take someone 2 or 3 months to finish stripping the fuselage, a couple months to paint it and another couple months to fit the puzzle pieces back together. The nuts, bolts and hardware is stored in the plastic bins and cups you see in the photos so you shouldn’t need to buy much. This is a great project for someone who likes to paint and wants a super performing single place airplane that looks really cool.

The project is located in Boyertown, Pennsylvania and is currently available for bidding. Click here to check out the complete listing.