Airfix has shared an update on their upcoming new tool de Havilland Tiger Moth model kit in 1/48 scale.

The kit used the company’s 1/72 Tiger Moth released in 2014 as a starting point and utilized “a mass of research data which had been gathered in support of the earlier project,” including “all the CAD files and individual component drawings.”

The recent update includes a first look at the new kit’s initial test frames, which are described as “the very first components to be produced from the new tooling blocks” and therefore “subject to alteration.” It also includes a look at the first build from the new parts. A few features are also mentioned, including a representation of the blind flying hood which was fitted to the rear cockpit of the aircraft and anti-spin strakes on either side of the fuselage.

The new kit (A04104) is slated for release sometime this autumn and is currently available for pre-order. Click below to check out additional images.

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In his latest video, Fantasy of Flight owner Kermit Weeks has announced the restart of his Lockheed Vega project.

This particular aircraft was purchased from Dave Jameson after Hurricane Andrew devastated Weeks’ Polk City, Florida collection in 1992. In arrived at Fantasy of Flight in 1995 and, having not flown in over a decade, was placed on static display. In 2012, restoration was begun by Kevin Kimball, but Weeks eventually had to postpone the project “due to various distractions.”

The new video announces the project restart and captures Kimball stopping by to take a look at the project and going over some of the work that has been done – including looking over the cartons of Vega parts, and making a plan for moving forward on the restoration. Click below to check it out.

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MiG-21 PFM Type 94A “Fishbed-F” S/N 4102 has hit the market.

The listing states that the airframe has 1,295 Hrs TTSNEW, while the R11-37F engine has 270 hours SMOH (TBO 300, Overhauls Allowed:4; Engine Preserved 3-28-91). The MiG has been on indoor museum display since about 1996 and an ATF-6 import approval and bill of sale is provided. It is not currently FAA registered or flyable and records are reportedly incomplete.

The machine is located in Elmira, NY and is currently being offered for $75,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Photo: Robert Gray via Flickr)

Aeroplane Heaven has published a major update on their upcoming C-47/DC-3 for P3DV4.4+.

According to the announcement, the offering will include exterior models for the C-47 Skytrain (with droppable paratroops) and DC-3 (P&W engines, left passenger door; DC-3 P&W engines, cargo/passenger doors; Wright Cyclone engines, right passenger door). These are described as “highly accurate, fully detailed models with many working animations” and “exceptionally high detail, authentic 3D modeled engines complete with individual cylinder fins, valve gear, spark plugs and leads, etc.” [continue reading…]

1951 Grumman HU-16B S/N 51-7226 (N226CG) has hit the market.

The airframe reportedly has 7160.3 TTSN (822.2 hrs since restoration) while the two Wright R-1820 engines have 193.3 and 283.9 SMOH by Airmotive Inc. Additional features are said to include an avionics package, 10 passenger interior (good condition) and A,B,C,D checks completed 5/2019. A huge selection of spares, many NOS, are also available at an additional cost.

The aircraft is painted in U.S. Coast Guard markings of 100th Anniversary of U.S. Coast Guard Aviation. It is currently being offered for $525,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Photo: D. Miller from IL. USA via Wikimedia Commons)

A full-scale static Fokker Dr.1 reproduction is available for sale. The listing states (in part):

With extensive research and skilled craftsmanship we have built an accurate Static Replica using original construction plans. Every bit of detail you would have found in an original, you’ll find in this example. We have constructed nearly every individual part, using the same materials and processes that were utilized in the original design, e.g. Linen cover, linden wooden wing ribs, replica of static engine made from cast aluminum: Oberursel Ur.II rotary engines with Wooden propeller Axial Berlin from Ash and Walnut. As a reference the replica was presented during “AERO Friedrichshafen 2017” exhibition and in “Polish Aviation Museum” in Krakow.

The machine is located in Poland and is currently available for US $88,900, although offers are also being accepted. Click here to check out the complete listing.

Brickmania has released a new, limited edition 1/35 Heinkel He 111H-16 LEGO model kit.

The offering (BKM2261) consists of 1578 LEGO and BrickArms elements, a high-quality transparent sticker sheet, printed elements and full-color building instructions. Additional features include a full crew of five minifigures, including a pilot, two crew members and two gunners; custom printing in the cockpit and radio area and a printed German Balkenkreuz on the top of the wings and on the sides of the fuselage. The model also boasts a new bomb dropping play feature that “allows eight brick-built bombs to be loaded through the top of the model and then dropped out of the bomb bay doors by pulling an axle connection near the rear of the model.”

Click below to check out the product page and a video overview of the new kit.

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Static UH-1H Huey Offered For Sale

A static display UH-1H Huey has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

1966 UH-1H Huey in great condition, s/n 66-1080. The helicopter is a perfect aircraft for static display, it comes as pictured with main and tail rotor blades included. The helicopter comes with logs and data plate, it does not have airworthy rotor components. All are timed out and from other aircraft. The aircraft has a transmission case but no engine.

The machine is located in Tampa, Florida and is currently being offered for US $55,000, although offers are also being accepted. Click here to check out the complete listing.

A “combat flown” Harrier cockpit section has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

Selling A Vintage Used 15 Ft. X 8 Ft. section of an Original AV 8B Harrier Aircraft flown in combat missions by Capt. C. A. Haggard. Aircraft Serial Number 163179. Comes with 2 dolly wheel casters under it. Can be rolled around. It comes with the deployed parachute in a box, and also the down draft Titanium Vertical Turbine discharge.

The section is located in Ellijay, Georgia and is currently being offered for US $18,500, although offers are also being accepted. Click here to check out the complete listing.

1944 Grumman G-21A Goose S/N 1238 (N68157, shown above in 1989) has hit the market.

According to the listing, the airframe has 23,398.3 TTSN (4087.3 since restoration) while the two engines have 439.2 and 614.3 SMOH (10 since Covington “mini overhaul” 2015). The aircraft reportedly boasts a rebuilt hull with new skins, an avionics package, RAF camouflage exterior and a six place, blue vinyl interior with cloth inserts “in good condition.”

The aircraft is currently being offered for $600,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Photo: RuthAS via Wikimedia Commons)