Arma Hobby has released the first test build images for their upcoming Hawker Hurricane Mk I model kit in 1/72 scale.

The model is said to boast “delicate panel lines” with “imitation of canvas on the fuselage and control surfaces.” Its surface is described as “rich with details like subtle round latches (dzuses) and raised rivets” while the cockpit offers a level of detail “proper for 1/48 scale.”

As previously noted, the kit will reportedly feature open or closed canopy display, an optional tropical version, two types of propeller blades, three types of spinners and photo etched details. The model will also be released in junior and expert editions, with the latter offering cockpit and wheel masks and “significant” photo-etched plates. Decal options will reportedly include “Aces as Urbanowicz, Zumbach, Frantisek and others.” [continue reading…]

A Lockheed T-33 has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

“1954 Lockheed T-33 Project complete with engine in can and fresh tail pipe. A good static display or a great candidate for restoration to flight status.”

The machine is located in Lancaster, CA and is currently being offered for $40,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Photo: Alan Wilson via Wikimedia Commons)

A JU 87 Stuka project has been spotted on the market. The listing states (in part):

“Here you have the oportunity, once in a lifetime: The only Stuka project for sale worldwide, with a lot of really rare parts, ideal to start your own project.!!!! ORIGINAL D VERSION!!!Landing gears, wheels, engine, spinner, complete set of wing spares , etc etc, too much to list, take a look at the inventory. ORIGINAL Werknummer and data plate Included!!!”

The project is currently being offered for $250,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Top Image: FockeWulf FW 190 (Modified) from Wikimedia Commons)

Airfix has released their new tool Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF in 1/48 scale.

As previously reported, the Blenheim serves as the first twin engine WWII aircraft type within the Airfix rage to be produced using the very latest design and manufacturing techniques. The larger scale has allowed designers to incorporate far more detail, and they reportedly left no stone unturned in their quest to produce the most accurate kit possible. The team has utilized data gathered from examinations of original Blenheim drawings as well as preserved examples of the type, including the Aircraft Restoration Company’s airworthy Bristol Blenheim Mk.I and the beautifully preserved Blenheim Mk.IV based at the Aviation Museum of Central Finland in Tikkakoski.

The kit (A09186) reportedly includes two liveries, including K7159 (YX-N) of 54 Operational Training Unit, and L6739 (YP-Q) of 23 Squadron, which is the scheme currently applied to G-BPIV operated by the Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford.

Product Page (34.95 or about US $44.87 via AeroScale)

Brickmania has released a new, limited edition SBD-5 Dauntless LEGO model kit.

The offering reportedly includes 595 “new-condition LEGO bricks,” two custom-printed minifigures, and retractable landing gear. The model is also said to include several of the type’s key components, such as dive brakes, rear-facing machine guns, three bombs and an arrestor hook.

Click below to check out the product page and a video overview of the new kit.

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Earlier today, UK-based Westland Whirlwind Fighter Project announced that Airframe Assemblies Ltd has begun construction on the machine’s rear fuselage.

The twin-engine single seat Whirlwind fighter-bomber was developed in the 1930s and went on to serve in WW2, where it saw use in a variety of roles including bomber escort and ground attack. It was eventually withdrawn from service in 1943 and succeeded by the Hawker Typhoon.

As previously reported, The goal of the project is to build a single example of the Westland Whirlwind Mk 1 that “is indistinguishable from an aircraft in Squadron service during the Second World War.” The final product not be airworthy, but will utilize original available plans and original materials where possible.

Work is reportedly being carried out on the original press that belonged to Westland and is now in the care of Airframe Assemblies. When complete, the machine will be the only known example of the type in the world.

Click below to check out the complete announcement.

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Copper State Models has announced the release of two new 1/32 Nieuport 17 model kits representing both early and late variants of the type.

Each kit reportedly includes plastic frets, photo etched parts, color instructions, film for windscreen and Cartograf decals with marking options for four machines.

Shipping will reportedly take place after November 20.

Product Page (€75.02, or about US $85 each Copper State Models via AeroScale)

A 1946 Piper L-4 S/N 17624 (N70615) has hit the market. The listing states (in part):

1946 Piper L4 Grasshopper Restored To Award Winning Condition. 190 Hours Since Restoration. Maybe The Nicest L-4 In The Country. 190 hrs since restoration, wings rebuilt using new spars and ribs, new lift struts, all new MLG bungee cords, covered in Ceconite, Sky Tec starter and push button starter switch, new muffler installed, Grove disc brake conversion, Continental C-85-12F 46 Hrs SMOH.

The machine is described as winning Best Liaison at Sun N’ Fun in 2002. It is located in Pennsylvania and is currently being offered for $69,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(via Trade-a-Plane Top Image (Modified to Add L-4 Greenhouse): Kaboldy from Wikimedia Commons)

Just Flight has released a new series of exterior shots and a promo video showcasing their upcoming Avro Vulcan B Mk 2 for FSX and P3D.

The model was reportedly built using “real-world aircraft plans and comprehensive photography of the real aircraft (XM655)” and is said to include many detailed animations, a range of payload options, varying external parts for several configurations, Olympus 201 and 301 engine nozzle types and ground equipment.

Additional features reportedly include 4096×4096 textures to produce the highest possible texture clarity, bump and specular mapping to produce a truly 3D feel, “a truly 3D virtual cockpit” and 11 marking options.

The model is currently drawing closer to completion, although a release date has not yet been announced. Click below to check out the video and additional images.

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Yesterday, B-29 Superfortress “Doc” officially moved into its newly constructed, 32,000 sq.ft. hangar at Eisenhower National Airport in Wichita, Kansas.

Construction of the multimillion-dollar facility began in November 2017, and while the hangar and maintenance portions are complete, an additional $800,000 still needs to be raised to finish work on the education and visitors center. Doc’s Friend’s spokesman Josh Wells states:

“Over the past three years, we’ve raised about $5.7 million toward the $6.5 million project. While we have successfully raised enough money to build the structure, there’s still plenty of work to be done to finish out the interior of the facility. This will ensure generations to come will be able to learn about Greatest Generation and how the B-29 helped protect our freedom, and how it helped solidify Wichita as the Air Capital of the World.”

The aircraft returned to the air in July 2016 following 17 years and hundreds of thousands of hours of restoration. It began touring the following year, making its first airshow appearance at the Defenders of Liberty Air Show in Louisiana. This year saw the bomber begin passenger flights that include a a crew briefing, overview of the machine’s history and a 30 minute ride.

(via Doc’s Friends Photo: Erin McClellan via Wikimedia Commons)