Wingnut Wings Shares First Model/Sprue Images For Upcoming 1/32 Lancaster Kit

Wingnut Wings has released the first model / sprue images for their upcoming 1/32 Avro Lancaster kit.

Two kits will reportedly be available, including a B.Mk.I/III and a B.Mk.III “Dambusters.” The B.Mk.I/III (32043) will feature a highly detailed RR Merlin XX (for B.Mk.1) or Packard V-1650-1 Merlin 28 (for B.Mk.III), optional early and late tailwheels, unweighted or weighted (with full bomb load) main wheels, H2s radar, 500lb (UK and USA), 1000lb, 4000lb “Cookie” and SBC bombs, FN.20 or FN.120 rear turret with optional cut away perspex, early and late bomb aimer’s blisters and windows and early DH.5/40 (needle) and late A5/138 (paddle) type propellers and spinners. Optional dummy engine blocks will also be included so you don’t need to assemble complete engines to build the model.

The B.Mk.III “Dambusters” kit (32044) will reportedly boast highly detailed Packard V-1650-1 Merlin 28 engines, and Operation Chastise Type 464 (Provisioning) “Dambusters” specific parts, including upkeep mine and mount, bomb bay fairings, mid-upper turret fairing and spot lamps.

Each kit is also said to include internal canopy framing, dropped flaps, removable outboard wing sections for ease of display, WWII era fabric covered elevators and European theatre radiators and nacelle intakes.

The kits are currently in development for release in late 2019. Check out additional images below.

For additional images, check out the link below.

(via Wingnut Wings)