New Kermit Weeks Video Series Details “The Saga of the Stinson L-1”

Fantasy of Flight owner Kermit Weeks has shared a new two-part video series detailing the “Saga of the Stinson L-1.”

Specifically, the series details FoF’s efforts to “sort out an issue that prevented it from starting and running smoothly.” Work has been ongoing for over a year and part 1 in the series chronicles several attempts to start it during this period, as well as its failure and the frustration of crew members.

Part 2 documents additional attempts and various difficulties the crew has had in finding the source of the problem. It also reveals whether or not a fix was ultimately found.

Click below to check out both parts.

This example of the Vultee L-1E WW2 liaison aircraft was part of the Movieland of the Air Collection and was acquired by Weeks in 1981. It was used for promotional banner towing before being damaged when Hurricane Andrew struck the museum in 1992. It has since been restored.

(via Kermit Weeks Additional information via Fantasy of Flight Thanks, Pascal!)