Freewing Releases New 70 mm Messerschmitt Me 262 RC Model

Freewing has released an updated version of their 70 mm Messerschmitt Me 262 RC model.

“Version 2” reportedly features upgraded 3048-2150kv brushless outrunner motors, twin 12-Blade 70mm EDFs with metal housing for “high speed maneuvers and realistic jet turbine sound,” as well as a new livery representing “Yellow 7” (B/N 500491) which is on display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

The model is said to be “very nimble with excellent speed and flight characteristics” and reportedly includes super scale features such as a detailed cockpit, authentic graphics, engine vents and machine guns. The model is also touted as offering split flaps for shorter takeoffs and slower landings, nylon hinges on all control surfaces, crash resistant EPO foam with carbon wing spars for enhanced strength and durable, shock absorbing, metal retractable gear.

Check out a demo video below.

Product Page ($359)