New Book Offers “Concise History” of Revolutionary B-36 Peacemaker

In his new book B-36 Peacemaker: The Big Stick of Strategic Air Command former SAC Warrior and Air Force veteran H.J. Campbell offers a “concise history, and enduring reference source” on the largest piston engine bomber ever built.

This book is a concise history of the B-36 Peacemaker and its derivatives. It is intended as a quick read, and enduring reference source, that will leave you with a complete understanding of this amazing aircraft’s history. It covers the aircraft’s design and development, including its evolution from the Army Air Corps’ “Giant Bomber” project to the Air Force’s primary strategic deterrence weapon. It includes a complete aircraft lineage chart tracing every model and derivative through its evolution, a complete tail number listing of every aircraft and its lineage, detail specifications for each model, and a comprehensive basing chart by base, model, and year. If you love SAC Cold War bombers, and great planes, you will love this book!

The title measures 8 x 0.27 x 10 inches and spans 111 pages.

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