1981 Custom Christen Eagle II For Sale: “Ready to Fly”

Please Note: This is an archived post. The information presented here may not be current and the associated listing may no longer be active.

A “ready to fly” 1981 Custom Christen Eagle II has been spotted for sale. The listing states (in part):

Engine: Titan 540 – Sky Dynamics Swinging Pickup Oil Pan, Airflow Performance Fuel Injection System, Slick Non Impulse Coupling Mags, 540 Roller Lifter Cam, 9.0:1 Compression, NiC3 Plated Barrel -Tapered Fins, Venturi Intake Seat, Air Flow Performance FM 300R. Kit (540 Racing System, Fwd. Cold Air Induction), B&C Lightweight Starter; Prop: MTV – 9 TT: 1,466.3 Hours on Frame, 69.1 Hours on Titan Since New, 382.3 Hours on Wings Since New…; N#: N229LL; SN: BERRIEN-001; No Damage History, Always Hangered, Logs Complete

The aircraft is located in Carmel, California and is currently being offered for US $107,000, although it appears offers are also being accepted. Click here to check out the listing, which includes additional photos and a lengthy avionics / equipment / modifications list.