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Kentucky-based nonprofit Friends of Jenny has announced that their Curtiss Jenny reproduction (N38262) will be rebuilt following an emergency landing last week.

As previously reported, the aircraft departed Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport on August 12th and climbed to roughly 100ft before heading toward the No.4 fairway of CrossWinds Golf Course, clipping a tree during its descent.

Thankfully, the pilot was not seriously injured, but the impact did cause significant damage to the machine’s airframe, which now needs to be rebuilt in time to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the airmail service in August 2018, when it is scheduled to reenact the inaugural flight from College Park, Maryland to New York City.

Friends of Jenny states that it is currently in the process of working out the details, talking with those who can help rebuild her and determining what it will take to make her airworthy again. In the meantime, the organization is seeking support from the public in the form of volunteer labor, financial support, or simply well wishes in their effort.

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On Saturday, a Curtiss Jenny crash landed at a golf course near Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport in Kentucky, sustaining significant damage and injuring the pilot.

The aircraft reportedly departed runway No.3 around 11am and climbed to roughly 100ft before heading toward the No.4 fairway of CrossWinds Golf Course, clipping a tree during its descent. A witness on the course reported seeing the machine coming in low and could tell it was in distress, describing the experience as “the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Players ran to the aircraft after it came to rest and assisted pilot Terry Richardson, who had suffered a head wound. He was reportedly able to walk to the ambulance that arrived to take him to the hospital and was listed in fair condition. Chuck Coppinger, a member of the organization that built the Jenny, stated that Richardson was slated to go home on Saturday night. [click to continue…]


While flying to Bowling Green, Kentucky on Friday, Dorian Walker landed his Curtiss Jenny reproduction at Bowman Field and discussed its history and flight characteristics with a local paper.

This particular Jenny was built by a team of workers over a 16 month period beginning in June 2012. The aircraft was built from original drawings, but employs a GMC V8 engine rather than an OX5 or Hisso.

Over the past year, the Jenny has appeared at numerous events, and is the subject of the non-profit organization “Friends of Jenny”, which exists to share the historical significance of the machine.

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This year’s EAA AirVenture fly-in will reportedly commemorate the final year of WW1 with period aircraft, flying displays and activities.

Related activities will reportedly take place throughout the week, with a special emphasis on Friday, July 27. Among the aircraft slated to appear at the event is a rare 1915 Bleriot reproduction in Royal Flying Corps colors, aircraft from the Kermit Weeks/Fantasy of Flight collection and a original Dayton-Wright DH.4 currently under restoration by the nonprofit “Friends of Jenny” along with Tennessee high school students.

The WWI programming will be primarily based in the vintage aircraft parking area on the AirVenture flightline. Along with the aircraft on display from the 1915-1918 era, there will be WWI re-enactors and static engine runs. In addition, WWI-era aircraft, aircraft owners, and historians will participate in forums and Vintage in Review session throughout the week. A number of the aircraft will also be displayed at various times on AirVenture’s showcase Boeing Plaza.

AirVenture 2018 is scheduled to take place from July 23-29 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Additional details will reportedly be announced as they are finalized.

(via EAA Top Photo: Kermit Weeks Hangar)


The U.S.-based “Friends of Jenny” nonprofit organization has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help acquire and restore the last known de Havilland DH.4 airframe.

The team plans to restore the aircraft to flying condition in order to “honor the memory of the Americans who built her, who flew in her, and who died in her.” If funding can be acquired, the team expects that the DH.4 build can be completed in 12 months, while flight testing would last an additional two months.

The project is endorsed by the WW1 Centennial Commission, and it is hoped that the aircraft will be ready in time the commemorate the 100th anniversaries of three important events, including the WW1 Centennial (2017-18), the first transcontinental air race (2019) and the first transcontinental air mail run (2020).

The group previously reconstructed a Curtiss JN-4 in a mere 14 months, which has since performed across the country for an estimated 1.5 million spectators.

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