Freightdog Models Releases New Tool Supermarine Type 327 Model Kit

Freightdog Models has released their new tool model kit of the Supermarine Type 327 British twin-engine fighter in 1/72 scale.

As previously reported, the Type 327 was a cannon-equipped concept aircraft designed to replace the Spitfire and Hurricane. However, it never entered production, in part because it was believed that other machines, such as the Westland Whirlwind, would likely enter service first.

The kit reportedly includes resin parts cast by CMR, vacform canopies by Rob Taurus and Fantasy Printshop screen printed decals. The result depicts a “what-if” operational version of the Type 327 based on a service entry of late 1942.

Freightdog states that the breakdown of the kit allows for “further developments along the lines of the Spitfire, with larger engines and increased size tail assembly to compensate, naval developments or perhaps a fighter bomber version, which will hopefully follow if sales of the initial boxing are promising.”

Product Page (£35.00)