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Brickmania is offering the first look at their upcoming, limited edition B-17G Flying Fortress LEGO model kit.

The representation of the iconic WW2 bomber includes 3,074 LEGO, and BrickArms elements, 10 custom-printed minifigures, 10 .50 caliber BrickArms machine guns mounted on moving turrets, moving flaps, ailerons, and rudder, retractable landing gear, four bombs with opening bomb bay doors, spinning propellers, a detailed interior, printed elements and a high-quality sticker sheet.

The kit is reportedly set for release in the second week of May, although it is now available for pre-order. All kits ordered during the pre-order period will reportedly come with boxes and a Certificate of Authentication signed by the model’s designer, Cody Osell.

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Among Brickmania’s April releases is this 1/35 model of the MiG-3, a Soviet WW2 fighter introduced in 1941. The machine was intended to serve as an upgrade to the previous MiG-1 and although built in large quantities, it proved difficult to fly and inadequate in its role as a high-altitude fighter, which resulted in the type being retired from service prior to the end of the conflict.

The new, limited edition Brickmania model reportedly consists of 338 genuine new-condition LEGO elements and includes a custom-printed Soviet pilot minifigure, a high-quality sticker sheet, retractable landing gear and a detailed cockpit.

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The latest release from Brickmania is this 1/35 model kit of the famous X-15, an experimental hypersonic rocket-powered aircraft developed in the 1950s which flew to the edge of space and reached a speed of Mach 6.72, the fastest speed ever recorded in a manned, powered aircraft.

The new, limited edition kit reportedly consists of 467 genuine new-condition LEGO & BrickArms elements and includes deployable airbrakes, retractable landing gear, opening canopy, towing equipment, printed elements and a high-quality sticker sheet.

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Among the latest limited edition releases from Brickmania are 1/35 scale LEGO model kits of the P-51B Mustang and Bell X-1.

The representation of the legendary P-51 reportedly includes 391 genuine new-condition LEGO elements, high quality sticker sheet, custom printed minifigure and retractable landing gear. Meanwhile, the model of the X-1, the first machine to break the sound barrier, includes 319 LEGO parts, a sticker sheet, a 360 degree custom printed minifigure, retractable landing gear, a display stand, and a removable hatch opening to the cockpit.

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The latest limited edition release from Brickmania is a 1/35 scale custom LEGO kit of the MiG-15 – an aircraft considered to be one of the best fighters of the Korean War.

The kit reportedly features 460 genuine new-condition LEGO / BrickArms elements, a custom 360 degree printed North Korean pilot, a sticker sheet with both Soviet and North Korean markings, air brakes, printed gun sights and retractable landing gear.

The F-86 Sabre, the American response to the MiG-15, will also be represented as an upcoming Brickmania kit. A recent update stated that it will be entering production soon, although a final release date has not yet been announced.

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Following the release of their new Gotha G.IV model last week, Brickmania is continuing their line of German WW1 fighters with this new Fokker D.VII custom LEGO kit.

Arguably the best aircraft produced during the WW1, the D.VII entered service in 1918 and proved itself to be such a formidable fighter that remaining examples had to be surrendered following the Armistice. Brickmania’s new 1/35 kit presents the machine in Jasta 18 colors and consists of 329 genuine new-condition LEGO and BrickArms elements, stickers and a custom-printed minifigure.

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Brickmania has released their impressive Gotha G.IV custom military LEGO model kit in 1/35 scale.

The company is touted as offering “high quality building kits made from genuine LEGO brand parts, but in subjects falling outside the company’s official product line at the time of their release.” This includes a range of military models from World War 1 to the present.

The Gotha kit reportedly includes 864 genuine new-condition LEGO and BrickArms elements, a sticker sheet, printed tiles, posable ailerons, Brickmania premium fabric textured wing covers, eight bombs and three custom printed minifigures.

The finished product spans 26″ and is said to make an excellent addition to any historical collection.

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