Volunteers Sought For Upcoming WW1 Aviation Exhibition


Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire is seeking volunteers to serve as guides and ambassadors for the upcoming exhibition “Lincolnshire in World War One: Bastion in the Air.”

The project, which will launch next year, is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and will include exhibitions at The Collection in Lincoln and the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre. The goal of the effort is to “tell the story of Lincolnshire’s involvement in British aviation during the First World War and its role in the birth of the Royal Air Force.”

The Collection exhibit, which will run from May through September 2018, reportedly focuses on “the contribution by the county to the nation’s air defences in the First World War, the large-scale construction of aircraft for the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) at factories in Lincoln and Gainsborough and the rise of the Royal Air Force in Lincolnshire, which led to an enduring presence in the county that still includes a national air defence role.”

The RAF Scampton display, which runs from April to August 2018, will focus on the history of the site and the lives of “Lincolnshire Heroes.” Displays will reportedly include a recreated RFC airfield complete with original WW1 items, flying replicas of a Rumpler and DH.2 and a Sopwith Camel project that will be built from scratch to flying condition.

Volunteers are said to be needed for both sites and the three year project is said to offer full training programs beginning in January. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire.

(via Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire)