Trumpeter to Release New Tool Fairey Firefly, F-106B Delta Dart Kits

Trumpeter has announced two new tool model kits for 2018 in the form of a 1/48 Fairey Firefly Mk.1 (05810) and 1/72 F-106B Delta Dart (01683).

The Firefly was introduced in 1943 as a carrier-based fighter and went on to see widespread service which continued well into the postwar period, with the last examples operating into the 1960s. The Delta Dart was introduced in 1959 and became the last dedicated USAF interceptor. The type never saw combat and concluded its service operating with Air National Guard units and acting as research / test aircraft as well as drones.

Details about the new kits are scarce, but both are expected to be released in February. Box art depicts the Firefly in the colors of DK477 of 766 Squadron, which operated from RNAS Lossiemouth circa 1949, while the F-106 art depicts 72514 as it appeared while serving with the New Jersey Air National Guard.

Click below to check out the images.

(via Trumpeter & Hobby Boss, AeroScale and Scalemates)