Original Spitfire XVIe of “Unparalleled Quality” Hits the Market

Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire XVIe S/N TB252 (N752TB), deemed “one of the most original Spitfires surviving today” is now available for sale.

The aircraft was built in the Castle Bromwich factory in January 1945 and served with the Belgian Air Force and the Royal Air Force before becoming a gate guardian in 1955. It was reportedly traded to Historic Flying in 1988 in “100% complete and original” condition and “still had the parachute sitting on the seat from when it was last flown 35-40 years prior.”

In 2002, TB252 was acquired by a new owner and transported to Avspecs, Ltd. in New Zealand, where it is currently undergoing a complete restoration with “no expense spared” in order to make it “the best Spitfire possible.”

The Packard Merlin 266 engine, the same engine it last flew with in military service, reportedly has 0 hrs SMOH by Vintage V-12s (completed in 2017) as does the Dowty Rotol propeller, which was overhauled by Skycraft and has new blades by Hoffman. The airframe is said to have been completely re-riveted with new skins, new main spars, and “everything 0 timed.”

The Spitfire is currently being offered for US$2,500,000. Click here to check out the complete listing.

(Photo: Steve Fitzgerald via Wikimedia Commons)