First Look: Test Build of Special Hobby’s New Tool Super Mystere SMB.2

Special Hobby has released the first test build images showing their upcoming new tool representation of the Super Mystere SMB.2 French cold war-era fighter bomber in 1/72 scale.

The process first detailed a successful test fit of the moldings and a partial build illustrating the internal components of the fuselage. This was followed by a test build of the full airframe, which depicts an Israeli-modified Sa’ar version incorporating “a US ex-Skyhawk engine with much more rearward protruding jet engine nozzle.”

Given the fact that these testshots are of the first batch, the outcome is not that bad and the model is now being used in the time consuming process of correction report writing for the purpose of debugging the steel moulding tools.

As of this writing, a final release date has not yet been announced, although the company states that “it could be possible for the first examples to reach the market later this year.”

Click below to check out additional images.

(Special Hobby via AeroScale)