The National Museum of World War II Aviation in Colorado Springs, CO has reported that newly restored SBD-4 Dauntless BuAer 10694 is now on display.

As previously reported, the aircraft was originally built in Oklahoma and went on to see use in pilot training on Lake Michigan. In 1944 it suffered an engine failure after taking off from USS Sable and was ditched in the water, where it remained until being salvaged by A&T Recovery Services in 1994.

Acquired by billionaire Jim Slattery, the Dauntless was then transported to Vulture’s Row Aviation in California where it was fully restored to airworthy condition before being flown to Colorado for “finishing touches” at WestPac Restorations.

The Dauntless can now be seen in Hangar 2 at the museum, however, it will reportedly also be used for aerial demonstrations.

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Aerodynamic Media, LLC is proud to announce the release of the fall 2017 edition of The Flying Machine: Early Aero Quarterly.

Issue #5 Contents (36 Pages): Not in Kansas Anymore (1911 Cessna Silver Wings / CC-1 reproduction); Avro Rigging Notes (Part 1); My 16th Birthday Jenny Solo; News Briefs: Fernand Saint-André’s Albatros D.Va, John Shaw’s Sopwith Camel, Hiller Aviation Museum’s Fokker Dr.1; Products

In addition to our latest issue, we have also released a new 2016-17 collection containing the first five issues of the journal. Click here to view our complete selection!

The Flying Machine focuses exclusively on “aeroplanes” manufactured prior to 1920, as well as the current work of historians, builders, restorers, museums and collectors to preserve and promote interest in the early years of flight. Published in print and digital formats, The Flying Machine is offered on a pay-per-issue basis – no subscription required!

Join us as we pay tribute to early aircraft and the visionaries, geniuses and daredevils who conquered the air while producing some of the most fascinating, ingenious and beautiful machines in aviation’s short history.

HpH Models has announced the upcoming release of a B-36 Peacemaker model kit in a whopping 1/48 scale.

The “really huge, fibreglass/ resin kit” will reportedly be available in very limited quantities with only 100 pieces being produced. Each will be accompanied by a special certificate bearing a serial number.

The kit will sell for €575 and is slated for release on Dec 1. Pre-orders are now being accepted at

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Fantasy of Flight owner Kermit Weeks has published a new installment of his popular “Kermie Cam” series – however, instead of taking viewers aloft one of his historic aircraft, the latest video sees him visiting Chino, California to check on the progress of his Douglas A-26 project.

The aircraft is being restored by Carl Scholl and Tony Ritzman of Aero Trader in Chino, California and is said to be “getting many steps closer to flying again.” Recent work has reportedly focused on the hydraulic system which was, at the time of recording, nearly ready to perform a gear swing test.

The aircraft (S/N 41-39401) reportedly saw wartime service with the 9th Air Force and served with the Van Nuys Air National Guard before beginning civilian use as N3457G / “Whistler’s Mother.” Later acquired by Weeks, the A-26 was damaged during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and trucked to Chino in 1997.

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In addition to their previously mentioned new tool P-40N Warhawk, Special Hobby has announced the upcoming release of a new Blohm & Voss BV 155 “Karawanken” model kit in 1/72 scale.

The kit will be created from new molds and will reportedly supercede the company’s previous version of the proposed WW2 German high-altitude interceptor aircraft, which was released in 2003. It is currently expected that the new tool model will be released sometime next spring.

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The National Air Force Museum of Canada (NAFMC) has begun restoration work on Avro Lancaster KB882 following its arrival at the museum’s Trenton, Ontario facility last month.

Despite having been exposed to the elements for over 50 years, an initial survey revealed that the machine’s condition is better than originally thought, with the exterior said to be “in excellent shape.” There is also no shortage of volunteers willing to invest their time in the project, which is expected to cost roughly $10 million (including the construction of a new hangar to house the machine).

As previously reported, KB882 is one of 430 Mk.X models built by Victory Aircraft Ltd. in Canada, and is one of only 17 complete Lancasters known to exist. It served with RCAF Group 6 Bomber Command in WW2 and performed 11 operational sorties over Europe before being transported back to Canada in preparation for deployment to Japan (the war ended before this plan came to fruition). The bomber was placed on outdoor display at Edmundston Airport in 1964. [click to continue…]

Special Hobby has announced the upcoming release of a new tool 1/72 model kit of the Curtiss P-40N Warhawk.

A test build of the new kit was completed in October and entered in the Afflingem Plastic & Steel show in Belgium where it received a gold medal.

The kit is expected to be released sometime next month and will reportedly boast plastic sprues, waterslide decals and clear parts. Livery options appear to be unconfirmed, although the test build features the markings of C3-549 “Snafu” of 120 Squadron, Royal Dutch East Indies Air Force, and the box art features 42-105513 “Keystone Kathlene” flown by Major Arland Stanton of the 7th Figther Squadron 49th Fighter Group.

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A full-scale Westland Lysander replica is being offered for sale.

The machine was constructed by Gateguards-UK, which specializes in replica aircraft and VR cockpits for film, TV, museums and collectors. This particular Lysander was reportedly produced for the 2016 Brad Pitt film Allied (as seen in the video below) and features an electric motor-powered propeller and a custom trailer for easy transport.

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The Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, New York is seeking former workers from the Curtiss-Wright factory in Buffalo who worked on P-40 production.

The museum would reportedly like to interview former workers for a book project relating to their ongoing restoration of a P-40N that will eventually be placed on static display with functional mechanical and hydraulic systems. The machine is being restored using portions of three aircraft, two of which crashed in the Everglades during a training accident in 1945 and one that crashed on on St. Simon Island.

Former workers are asked to contact museum marketing consultant Scott Perkins at 585.314.5560 or

(via The Chronicle-Express)

The A-7E Corsair that has been a staple at Robert C. Stille Edwardsville Township Park in Illinois was returned to its pedestal on Friday following a multi-year restoration campaign.

As previously reported, The aircraft performed its maiden flight in 1975 as part of VFA-82 Marauders and served aboard USS Nimitz, USS John F. Kennedy and USS Saratoga. Following retirement, it was loaned to Edwardsville, Illinois by the U.S. Naval Aviation Museum and mounted at the Edwardsville Park along Center Grove Road in 1991.

Decades of exposure to the elements eventually took their toll and the Corsair was lowered for restoration in May. Volunteers from Flight Deck Veterans Group, a nonprofit veterans service organization based in Tennessee that specializes in aircraft restoration, carried out required maintenance on the airframe prior to painting, including cleaning, sanding, and replacing aluminum panels. The goal was to return the Corsair to USS Nimitz markings and, in July, the team received approval from the National Naval Aviation Museum to place Admiral Timothy J. Keating on the rail of the aircraft. [click to continue…]