Airfix has announced the development of a new tool Hawker Hunter F.6 model kit in 1/48 scale.

Originally entering service with the RAF in 1954, the Hunter went on to operate with a large number of countries and in a number of conflicts. Its design arguably peaked with the Rolls-Royce Avon 203-powered F.6 variant, which is described as “the definitive interceptor version of the Hunter.”

The new kit (A09185) will reportedly include marking options for XF418 (4FTS Brawdy) and XF509 (4FTS) as well as the Dutch AF. Release is currently slated for October 2018.

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The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Ontario has applied civil registration C-GCWG to their TBM-3E Avenger in preparation for its upcoming post-restoration test flight, which is expected to take place this year.

The aircraft (S/N 53858) was constructed in 1945 by General Motors, Eastern Aircraft Division and served with the US Navy until the 1950s. Upon entering civilian service it was converted to a spray plane, operating first in California and then New Brunswick before being retired in 1992.

The Avenger was acquired by the museum in late 2009 and a team of volunteers has since invested thousands of hours to restore it to airworthy condition. Although currently without markings, a post-war RCN Avenger AS.3 livery will be applied sometime after the first flight.

An official first flight display will take place, however, dates for the first engine run up and flights are currently described as “moving targets.”

(via Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Additional Information via Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Photo: JustSomePics via Wikimedia Commons)

Shortly after announcing the upcoming release of their new tool TP-63E Kingcobra, Dora Wings / Arsenal Model Group has provided the first photos of the completed kit.

The livery represents NX41964, one of two examples of the two-place variant constructed by Bell for internal use. The original aircraft (S/N 43-11728) still exists and is now based at the USAF Museum in Dayton, where it is displayed as Pinball RP-63E 42-69654. Decals for the second example of the type, NX41963, are also provided in new kit.

The TP-63E (DW48003) is currently slated for release this month. Click below to check out additional photos.

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Over a decade after releasing their first version of the Avro Lancaster, flight simulation developer Aeroplane Heaven has announced that they are once again turning their attention to the famous WW2 bomber. The upcoming version will reportedly incorporate their latest tech and techniques to “bring you what will be your chance to experience just what it was like to fly and crew this legendary machine in the skies of the latest simulators.”

The aircraft’s exterior will reportedly boast “a massive amount of authentic detail” along with many unique animations and a highly detailed virtual cockpit that will include the front turret and bomber’s compartment, engineer and nav station and radio operator’s positions.

The add-on will reportedly be compatible with FSX, FSX S/E and P3DV3+. A release date has not yet been announced, but a number of renderings have been made available which are included below.

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Earlier today, one of the last remaining Bristol Type 170 Freighters was transported to Filton where it will become part of the new Aerospace Bristol museum.

Designed and built by Bristol in 1944, the type served as a both a freighter and as a passenger airliner. Although 214 were built, only 11 remain and, until now, none of them were in Europe.

The arrival of NZ5911 (a Mark 31M military variant of the type) caps off an 11,000-mile journey that began at Ardmore Airport in New Zealand back in October. Its journey took it to Singapore, Jordan and Athens before it arrived in the UK on December 28th (its first return since 1954).

The journey to Filton began at Portbury Dock aboard a Kings Heavy Haulage truck, traveling the M5 and A38 to the Brabazon Hangar where it will be stored and assessed by the Aerospace Bristol team. A timeframe for restoration and public display has not yet been established, as fundraising is still ongoing for its hangar.

Click below to check out a video of today’s journey, as well as photos of the fuselage following its arrival.

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The Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum in Kent has confirmed the installation of a functioning, full-scale Spitfire cockpit simulator that is slated to begin operation this year.

The simulator, which is situated directly beside the collection’s Spitfire Mk XVI(LF) TB752 (pictured above), will reportedly allow visitors to to try their hand at conducting a complete flight while also getting an idea of what it was like for pilots who flew the iconic warbird during WW2. Utilizing authentic controls and a large format display screen, the simulator is said to recreate engine torque effects as well as landing challenges presented by the Spitfire’s narrow undercarriage. The red-out and grey-out effects of excess G-forces are also said to be represented.

The £15,000 fundraising goal for the simulator was met with assistance from local charities, businesses and visitors and it is hoped that it will help continue the museum’s mission to engage, educate and inspire the local community while also securing funds that can be reinvested in the museum.

It is not yet known how much it will cost visitors to use the simulator, although bookings will reportedly begin on launch day, April 1, which coincides with the centenary of the RAF.

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Dora Wings / Arsenal Model Group has announced that its new tool 1/48 TP-63E Kingcobra model kit will be released sometime in early January.

As previously reported, the two-place Kingcobra was constructed by Bell for internal use. the machines were a modification of the P-63E-1 which saw radio equipment relocated into the armament bay to accommodate a second cockpit behind the engine. Two examples were ultimately built bearing civilian registrations NX41963 and NX41964, both of which will reportedly be represented in the new release.

The company also plans to release additional 1/48 and 1/72 versions of the P-63 A/C/E – several of which will reportedly be available by the end of the month.

(Dora Wings via AeroScale and BritModeller)

The USAF Museum in Dayton is in the final stages of restoring the iconic B-17F “Memphis Belle” and has recently released two 360 degree images capturing the progress.

As previously reported, the machine is scheduled to make its public debut in the museum’s WW2 gallery on May 17, 2018, where it will reportedly be surrounded by interactive displays, rare archival film footage and many personal artifacts which have never before been on display at the museum.

The Memphis Belle (S/N 41-24485) became the first the first U.S. Army Air Forces heavy bomber to complete 25 missions and return to the U.S., where it flew across the country to promote war bonds and boost morale. Further attention was directed toward the aircraft when it became the focus of a 1944 William Wyler documentary and later a 1990 feature film.

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Trumpeter has announced two new tool model kits for 2018 in the form of a 1/48 Fairey Firefly Mk.1 (05810) and 1/72 F-106B Delta Dart (01683).

The Firefly was introduced in 1943 as a carrier-based fighter and went on to see widespread service which continued well into the postwar period, with the last examples operating into the 1960s. The Delta Dart was introduced in 1959 and became the last dedicated USAF interceptor. The type never saw combat and concluded its service operating with Air National Guard units and acting as research / test aircraft as well as drones.

Details about the new kits are scarce, but both are expected to be released in February. Box art depicts the Firefly in the colors of DK477 of 766 Squadron, which operated from RNAS Lossiemouth circa 1949, while the F-106 art depicts 72514 as it appeared while serving with the New Jersey Air National Guard.

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Shortly after completing a video series detailing his trip to Vintage V-12s, Fantasy of Flight owner Kermit Weeks is back with a new installment of “Kermie Cam” that sees him in Australia checking up on his CAC Boomerang project.

The aircraft (S/N A46-174) was originally built by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation and delivered to the RAAF in January 1944, serving with 4 Squadron. In May of that year, the machine suffered a ground loop at Cape Gloucester Airfield in Papua New Guinea (pictured above) and was deemed too far gone to repair, resulting in its remains being abandoned at Nadzab.

In the 1970s, Charles Darby visited the site and discovered remnants of roughly 30 aircraft, including the center section of A46-174, which was salvaged. In the 1980s Kermit Weeks acquired the machine and placed it on display prior to beginning restoration. In 2015, the aircraft arrived at Matt Denning’s shop at Caboolture Airport, Queensland, where work is now underway.

Kermit’s visit to the site will be presented in four parts, all of which will appear here as they become available. Click below to check out the series as well as an additional photo of the aircraft following its accident.

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