Lockheed Martin Announces Upcoming Release of Prepar3D V4 Flight Simulator [Video]

Lockheed Martin has announced the upcoming release of Prepar3D V4, which will reportedly bring “major enhancements and new capabilities” to the popular flight simulation platform.

The upcoming release is the culmination of over eight years of Lockheed Martin development and will boast a comprehensive baseline update to 64-bit architecture, as well as higher resolution visuals, more objects, increased data precision, larger scenarios and improved performance.

In addition, the new sim will provide dynamic lighting, rain/snow particles, global 3D trees, a fully reworked software development kit (SDK), and new default vehicles, among “countless” other improvements.

Prepar3D is touted as providing private pilots, commercial organizations, militaries, and academia with “immersive, experiential learning”, allowing for the creation of training scenarios across aviation, maritime, and ground domains. Users can train anywhere in the virtual world, from underwater to suborbital space.

Additional details on the new release will be revealed over the next week, with V4 becoming directly available from Prepar3D.com on May 30, 2017 at 2:00pm EST.

Check out the video below to learn more.

(via Prepar3D and Jordan King)