Kermit Weeks Releases On Board Footage of Sopwith Snipe Dogfight at Omaka Airshow [Video]

Fantasy of Flight owner Kermit Weeks visited New Zealand in April to perform in the Classic Fighters Omaka Airshow, where he went aloft in TVAL’s late model Sopwith Snipe reproduction.

The aircraft was reportedly completed by TVAL in early 2013 and is powered by a new build Bentley BR2 rotary engine. It represents a late version of the type with balanced ailerons and rudder and wears the post-war colors of E7643.

On board video captured Kermit’s mock dogfight with the collection’s bevy of Fokker triplane reproductions as viewed from both the cockpit and interplane strut positions. Click below to check it out.

(via Kermit Weeks Videos)