Military Aviation Museum Welcomes Newly Acquired Sopwith Triplane

The Military Aviation Museum’s latest WW1 acquisition, a full-scale Sopwith Triplane replica, has arrived at its Virginia Beach facility.

As previously reported, the Lycoming-powered Triplane (N543A) was built by Chad Wille in the early 1990s and was recognized as an “Outstanding Aircraft” at SUN ‘n FUN 1993. It became part of the Guntersville, Alabama-based Replica Fighter Museum owned by the late Frank Ryder before moving on to the Homer B. Wilson Vintage Museum at the Guntersville Municipal Airport.

It has been an exciting few months at at the museum. In addition to the Triplane, it has recently welcomed an exquisite Hisso-powered S.E.5a and a Le Rhone-powered Fokker Dr.1 from Brazil. It has not yet been reported if any of the new acquisitions will participate in the museum’s 2017 Biplanes and Triplanes air show, which is currently scheduled for October 7th and 8th.

(via The Fighter Factory)