Flyzone Announces Upcoming C-47, DC-3 RC Models

RC model manufacturer Flyzone has announced the upcoming release of C-47 and DC-3 micro RC model airplanes.

The models are said to offer smooth, stable flight characteristics and impressive micro scale looks. The C-47 variant is depicted in the colors of 42-100882 “Drag ’em Oot,” which participated in D-Day and now operates with Aero Legends of Kent, England. Meanwhile, the model representing the commercial DC-3 configuration is adorned with the colors of C/N 2268 (NC28391) of Eastern Air Lines.

Each model spans 23″ and will be available in RTF (Ready to Fly) versions complete with a Tactic 4-channel SLT radio system with built-in battery charger, 1S LiPo flight battery and 5 AA batteries.

Click below to check out promo videos for the upcoming releases.

Flyzone Micro Douglas C-47 Skytrain EP RTF 23"

Freedom takes wing! Just before D-Day, America put thousands of paratroopers onto planes and rained them all over the French countryside behind enemy lines. To do it, the Army picked the C-47, a version of the DC-3 with all of the frills and creature comforts taken out and nothing but seating for two dozen paratroopers aboard. This model version, complete with invasion stripes, is designed to look just like it's ready to drop its troops and turn for England.

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Flyzone Micro Douglas C-47 Skytrain EP RTF 23" – Manufacturer Stock# FLZA2330

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Posted by Flyzone Model Airplanes on Friday, March 2, 2018


Flyzone Micro Douglas DC-3 Airliner EP RTF 23"

DC-3s were the saving grace of the commercial aviation industry. For the first time, rapid, long-distance air travel was comfortable, economical, and accessible to a far wider number of passengers. These beautiful birds blazed trails for future airliners and, more than that, they’re still flying today. Fly the classic bird that put more Americans in the air than ever before as an all-inclusive RTF.

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Flyzone Model Airplanes Micro Douglas DC-3 Airliner EP RTF 23"
Manufacturer Stock# FLZA2320

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Posted by Flyzone Model Airplanes on Friday, March 2, 2018


The Flyzone C-47 and DC-3 are currently available for pre-order, although a final release date has not yet been announced.

Product Page (C-47: $159.99 DC-3: $159.99)