Curtiss Jenny Damaged After Crash Landing at Golf Course [Video]

On Saturday, a Curtiss Jenny crash landed at a golf course near Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport in Kentucky, sustaining significant damage and injuring the pilot.

The aircraft reportedly departed runway No.3 around 11am and climbed to roughly 100ft before heading toward the No.4 fairway of CrossWinds Golf Course, clipping a tree during its descent. A witness on the course reported seeing the machine coming in low and could tell it was in distress, describing the experience as “the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Players ran to the aircraft after it came to rest and assisted pilot Terry Richardson, who had suffered a head wound. He was reportedly able to walk to the ambulance that arrived to take him to the hospital and was listed in fair condition. Chuck Coppinger, a member of the organization that built the Jenny, stated that Richardson was slated to go home on Saturday night.

As previously reported, the aircraft was built by a team of workers over a 16-month period beginning in June 2012. Although constructed from original drawings, it employed a GMC V8 engine rather than an OX5 or Hisso.

Over the past several years, the Jenny has appeared at numerous events and is the subject of the non-profit organization “Friends of Jenny”, which exists to share the historical significance of the machine.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. Click below to check out local news coverage.

(via Bowling Green Daily News and WBKO Photo via Flickr Thanks, Pascal!)